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YouTube editor gets stabilization and 3D Video Creator features

The YouTube in-browser video editor just got updated. And this isn’t your everyday minor tweaking, mind you, this is a pretty major improvement. The editor can stabilize your shaky video and even make it 3D worthy.

The stabilization feature is using the Green Parrot Pictures technology and know-how, which Google recently acquired by buying the company. It removes all the shaky camera movement and replaces it with specially selected trajectories. It makes it look as if you were using a tripod for filming the video rather than your hands.

This does come at a price, though. The video looses some detail and it gets cropped so you are also getting a reduction in viewing angle. Fortunately, you get to preview the changes in real time, before you hit the publish button.

The other cool feature the YouTube editor has gotten is the 3D Video Creator. It uses two separate streams to create the effect of 3D on your video.

It seems like these functions require serious processing power to work properly, but since this is YouTube we are talking about here providing that is no problem at all. The Google subsidiary has distributed the load along numerous servers and the overall performance is pretty great.

We took the new feature for a spin and are giving you the results so you can get a better idea of how the new stabilization feature could do for your videos.

The first video was captured with the Altek Leo smartphone at the MWC, using its 3x zoom lens lens at the most extended position. Here’s what the video looks like without stabilization applied:

And that’s what we got when we processed it with the YouTube editor, applying the stabilization effect:

And here’s one captured with no zoom. It’s not as bad as the zoomed one, but it’s still pretty shaky.

And once we add some YouTube magic to it, it looks as if it was captured from a tripod.

Of course there are some unpleasant side effects – the jelly-like movement of the buses in both videos are somewhat annoying. However if you make sure that the subject and the camera aren’t moving simultaneously in different directions you shouldn’t see many of those.



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