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New Skype 5.3 for Windows brings improved video-calling from your PC to mobile devices

Skype version 5.3 (for PC) is out and you can download it right away. It brings some bug fixes and a minor UI facelift, but most importantly improved video-calling to mobile devices, such as iOS and Android, among others.

Skype developers have shifted the weight of video-calling from the mobile devices to the PC, and as it does the heavier lifting, your mobile phone can send better quality video. This should create an overall smoother experience of PC-to-mobile video calls.

Also the new Skype 5.3 for Windows has added some nice visuals to the UI. There are no more grey status icons. They’ve been converted to green ones.

All the issues, which have been fixed, can be seen in our source link. And here’s a download link if you’d like to update your PC’s version.



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