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Nokia takes us down memory lane, makes us all misty-eyed

Ah, those were the days! When your phone weighed as much as your arm and cost as much as a body part. A time when if something went wrong, you’d probably have to sell your house to pay the mobile phone bill. A time when there weren’t many phones to choose from but most of them came from one manufacturer. One manufacturer that dominated the mobile phone scene like no other. That manufacturer was Nokia.

Nokia put up a post on their Conversations blog recently where they posted pictures of some of their older models, which had me reminiscing. I remembered my first phone, which too was a Nokia. It was a Nokia 3315 (also known as 3410) and I loved it to bits. Nokia phones back then were a different breed altogether. They were by far the simplest phones on the market, with an easy to understand interface and simple navigation system. They were also known for their rock solid build quality and reliability. It’s not hard to come across tales of Nokia phones that have survived a trip through a washing machine and lived to make a call. They were also known to come up with some of the wackiest designs in the industry.

Sadly, the Nokia of today is a completely different company. They are no longer the innovators. They no longer make phones that are the easiest to use and their designs, although pleasant, have lost their edge and charm. I hope that the Nokia of yesteryear comes back. The one that made our first phones. Till then, you can click on the source link and look at some of the phones that made Nokia the mobile phone giant it is today.



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