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“Apple Store” app for iOS to get an update, will add full hardware customization for Macs

Remember the Apple Store app that was released last year that allowed you to buy Apple products from your iOS device? Considering the limited functionality it offered, you probably don’t. But according to information received by MacRumors, this modest little application is soon going to receive a major update, which will make it a lot more usable.

The biggest change that we know about as of now is going to be the ability to customize the hardware of the Macs before you purchase them. Before, you could only buy them in their stock configuration but now you will have the full set of options to choose from for both the hardware and the software, same as on Apple’s online store. You will also be able to select add-ons, such as AppleCare and printers, etc. to your purchase.

These changes are bound to make the app more useful. I just hope that Apple makes this app usable in more countries than what is currently possible.



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