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HP TouchPad to be priced $599 at Walmart, accessories to burn further holes in your wallet

HP’s upcoming WebOS tablet is still some way from gracing the shelves of your favorite electronics stores but we got a whiff of the kind of price it will be selling for. The guys over at have uncovered the Walmart price of the TouchPad and it is going to be $599 for the 32GB Wi-Fi-only model, same as the similarly specced Apple iPad 2.

If you remember, HP also showcased three accessories for the TouchPad and we have the prices for them as well. The TouchStone, a wireless charging station, which uses inductive charging and also functions as a stand, will be priced at $79.88. The Bluetooth wireless keyboard will be priced at $69.88 and the official case from HP will be priced at $49.88. The accessories are bit on the expensive side and HP is no doubt hoping they can get away with it the way Apple does. reports Walmart could have the TouchPad in as early as the 1st of July if it reaches their distribution centers by next week.



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