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Take a look at Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Special Edition and no, you can’t have one

The other day, Google I/O brought a host of information to journalists and developers alike. We’ve already spoken about it, taking you through the main points of the keynote, Google’s pride regarding Honeycomb’s stats and figures, the potential of Ice cream sandwich (the upcoming Android update, not the food item) and the general ambiance of the event which you can check out here.

Shots showing the back of the Google I/O exclusive Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab with its white back

What we haven’t really spoken about is the host of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1′s that made a special debut at the event as well. Why special? Well it appears Google and Samsung were kind enough to pass out around 5000 unique white-encased, Android emblem-engraved units running stock Honeycomb to the attending developers at the conference. Supposedly with the intention of having their latest, greatest and most up-to-date platform circulating among top devs to get some exciting new apps invented ASAP I guess. And yeah, it’s ugly!

Shots showing the back of the Google I/O exclusive Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab with its white back

Of all the existing Android tablets out there, why the Galaxy Tab 10.1 you might be asking? Well, besides what general geeks like us are expecting of Samsung’s latest tablet, Wonpyo Hong, Executive VP of Global Product Strategy at Samsung Electronics explained, “Samsung has proven its leadership in the Android tablet market with its range of GALAXY Tab devices featuring cutting-edge technology and powerful performance. We look to the developer community to create compelling and desirable applications that will demonstrate the advanced capabilities of the GALAXY Tab 10.1 and we hope that the gift of these devices will help that.”

A screen of an exclusive white Galaxy Tab 10.1 on Ebay

The “gift” of these devices is not exclusive to Google I/O goers either. Since the closure of the event, the white ‘specials’ have started cropping up on sites such as Ebay, so if you simply must have one, your best bet is to head on over to such a site and be prepared to pay top-dollar, knowing that you’re getting one very-special edition tablet and one that could have potentially been used to develop the next big hit for Android. Or not!

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