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HTC Sensation has the fastest camera, not Nokia N9 [Update] Or maybe not

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When Nokia announced the N9 last month, they claimed it to be the fastest cameraphone on the market. But before Nokia came up with the N9, HTC had already called dibs on that title for their Sensation. Also, when Nokia did the cameraphone time comparison, they seemed to have left out the Sensation for some reason, so we never really found out which one is faster. Until now.

The guys over at decided it was time to settle the matter once and for all so they took out their trusty stopwatch and timed the HTC Sensation to see how it compares with the figures of the N9 that Nokia published and guess what, the Sensation won. Read more »

This is why you don’t have enough apps on Honeycomb yet

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Android 3.0 Honeycomb came out four months ago with the launch of the Motorola Xoom tablet and it was followed by a variety of tablets by several manufacturers. But so far the platform is yet to see a significant growth in the number of applications for it. In comparison, the iPad has racked over 100,000 apps, developed exclusively for it.

So to solve this mystery of the missing apps, Computerworld has been around asking developers regarding this issue and what according to them could be the reason. Read more »

Nexus Contraptions successful at wasting our time, unsuccessful at making us want to buy a Nexus S

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The Nexus S may be six months old now, which is a lot in this industry, but Google hasn’t forgotten about it yet. So to keep the interest alive in the device Google has come up with a nifty little game on YouTube called Nexus Contraptions.

The game involves playing with four of the default Google apps on the Nexus S that are essentially metal balls, that you have to guide through using various contraptions to a funnel at the end so they can be put on the phone. Read more »

Watch this slow motion video of water captured at 7000 fps

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If you slow something down enough, almost everything looks good. But when the subject is water, its results are nothing short of a masterpiece. Co-produced by Romain Glé and Thomas Séon, this music video titled ‘High Hopes’ is simply beautiful.

In case you are wondering, the recording is done by a camera called Photron SA-5 and has been recorded at a jaw-dropping 7000 frames per second. Head past the break to watch the full video. Read more »

Vizio Tablet now available for pre-order for $380, ships on July 18

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Remember the neat-looking Android tablet from the television manufacturer Vizio that was showcased at CES this year? Well it has finally been put up for pre-order on their site. It’s available in two models, where $379.99 gets you just the tablet and $399.99 gets you a custom-fit folio case and 16GB microSD card along with it. The device will start shipping on July 18, which is when you can buy it in a store as well.

For those who don’t remember it, the Vizio Tablet is based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and has a 1024 x 768, 8-inch touchscreen display, along with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, HDMI-out, stereo speakers with SRS TruMedia, front facing VGA camera, built-in IR blaster with universal remote app and 4GB internal memory that can be expanded via microSD cards. It runs on a 1GHz processor and has 512MB of RAM. Read more »

Google redesigns Gmail and Calendar, makes it cleaner and more minimalistic

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Hot on the heels of the Google+ launch Google has updated the look of two of its most popular web apps, Gmail and Calendar. The new look jibes well with the look of the new Google homepage and Google+, providing a more unified interface.

In Gmail you will notice just how clean the new interface is. Every thing looks simpler, focused, more direct. There is also plenty of negative space being used to provide some relief to your eyes and the whole thing seem less cluttered. Read more »

Anonymous RIM employee writes a scalding open letter to BlackBerry bosses, points out exactly where it hurts

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Yesterday BGR received an open letter by an anonymous high-level RIM employee, address to Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, CEOs of RIM. The employee pulled no punches as he (or she) outlined everything that is currently wrong with RIM and the reason they are losing so badly to Apple and Google.

Among the things that the employee addressed the first was about BlackBerry devices lagging behind Apple’s when it comes to user experience. He also noted that Android devices lacked when it comes to simplicity and elegance and that BlackBerry has the opportunity to build something new and “uniquely BlackBerry” with QNX platform. Read more »

Google shuts down invite mechanism for Google+, says it’s because of insane demand

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Not even two days passed since the launch of Google’s latest social networking service and they already had to shut down the gates to prevent the hordes of people trying to get in. Although some assumed, myself included, that this invite mechanism might work against Google, turns out the exclusivity of it generated far greater interest among people than it would had Google just allowed anybody and everybody to come in.

But even with the limited invites that Google handed out the response they got was pretty overwhelming with everybody wanting to get in and ironically enough, using other social networking services to score an invite for themselves. Read more »

Olympus announces PEN E-P3, PEN E-PL3 and PEN E-PM1 Micro Four Thirds cameras

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Continuing their efforts to popularize their Micro Four Thirds system, Olympus has launched three more cameras, the PEN E-P3, PEN E-PL3 and PEN E-PM1. All three cameras come with a 12.3 megapixel Live MOS sensor, built-in image stabilization, TruePic VI image processor, 12,800 ISO limit, 1080i video recording and what Olympus claims to be the world’s fastest auto-focus system.

Olympus PEN E-P3

The PEN EP-3 has a 3.0-inch touchscreen OLED display on the back and comes with a built-in flash unlike the E-P2. It also has a 3D mode which takes a second picture with a slightly different perspective and merges the two images together to create a 3D image. Read more »

Vertu announces Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre, you still can’t afford one

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Vertu has launched yet another phone that most of us can just afford to spend drool on. I’m talking about the new Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre and although it has the name and price tag of four phones it’s still just one, strikingly good looking device.

The pièce de résistance of this phone, as you may have guessed, is the carbon fiber body that takes inspiration from the world of motorsports, aeronautical designs and other expensive stuff. The carbon fiber is used on the back and on the front around the earpiece and the rest of the phone is either polished stainless steel or 18 carat polished gold depending on the model you choose. Read more »

Nvidia announces GeForce GTX 580M and 570M GPU, claims it to be the fastest notebook GPU ever

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Nvidia has just updated their range of high-end notebook GPUs with the launch of the new GTX 580M and 570M, which are claimed to be the fastest notebook GPU ever. The 580M is said to offer six times the tessellation performance of any other notebook GPU (read Radeon HD 6970M) and 20% better performance than the previous generation GPUs. It will be available soon on the Alienware M18x and M17x gaming notebooks.

The M18x will give you the option of configuring it with two GTX 580M so you can burn through you battery faster than you can spell “Alienware”. Meanwhile, the M17x will offer the GTX 580M with Nvidia’s Optimus technology, that lets you switch between discrete and onboard graphics automatically depending upon your usage. Read more »

Android crosses 500,000 daily activations, poised to reach 1 million by October

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You may remember back in December Andy Rubin, Senior VP of Mobile at Google, tweeted that over 300,000 Android phones are getting activated everyday. That was over six months ago and over two years from the launch of Android. But in those six months, the figures have almost doubled and according to his latest tweet, over 500,000 Android phones are getting activated everyday.!/Arubin/status/85660213478309888

That’s not all. The activations are growing at a rate of 4.4% per week, which means by the end of October Read more »

Apple to look elsewhere for ARM SoC production in 2012, much to Samsung’s dismay

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It seems that rivalry in a key market with Apple may have cost Samsung a valuable customer. Thus far Apple has been sourcing their A4 and A5 chips that they use in their products from Samsung but it seems due to increasing tension between the two companies Apple may be moving to someone else to make their next generation ARM SoC.

The company that is said to be most likely to take over from Samsung is Taiwan Semiconductor Marketing Company. Apple’s next generation processor, dubbed the A6, will most likely use the foundry’s 28nm process Read more »

Acer AC700 Chromebook launching in US in June for $350, 3G version to arrive in summer

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If you thought paying $430 was too much for a web browser on steroids that is the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook then Acer has something more palatable for you. The Acer AC700 Chromebook will start selling in the US this month for $349.99.

For that money you get a 11.6-inch LED backlit display, Intel Atom N570 dual-core processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB flash storage, 2 USB ports, memory card slot, 1.3 megapixel webcam, HDMI port and a full size keyboard. Read more »

Seagull flies off with a GoPro camera, apparently [VIDEO]

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You may have heard or seen the GoPro range of wearable cameras. According to the manufacturer they are the world’s most popular wearable HD camera for sports. They are pretty interesting. But it seems humans are not the only ones who find them interesting. According to this video below, a seagull flew away with one while it was on and recording, enabling it to capture its flight.

To anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time on the Internet, only one word comes to mind after watching the video: fake. First of all, why was the guy carrying the camera almost close to the ground? Why did he drop it when it saw the seagull approaching? What was he doing while the seagull flew with it? And most importantly, how on earth did he manage to find that camera? Read more »