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Google updates its mobile Search app with a tip calculator

The Google Search mobile app is a powerful tool and now the company has made it even better by adding a tip calculator to its laundry list of features.

The tip calculator can be initiated by either a voice command or typing for example “What’s the tip for X dollars” and a special interface will pop up prompting you to fill in the details of the order. In order for Google to return you the exact tip amount, you’ll have to input the total bill, adjust the tip percentage and split the check among the people you’re out with.

This will output two numbers – the first one is the tip each person has to give, and the other will be the bill (plus tip) divided by the number of people.

Admittedly, there are a lot of specialized tip calculator apps in the Google Play Store, but having this feature baked into the core Google toolbelt of features is neat. If the feature doesn’t yet work for you, don’t worry as Google is rolling out the update at stages.

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