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The Galaxy S III disassembled on video

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Broke your screen as soon as you got your shiny new Galaxy S III and you are looking to replace it yourself? Or you are into “gadget porn”? Whichever you are after, I’ve got you fixed-up with this new video, showing the complete disassembly and assembly process of a white Galaxy S III unit.

We’re no strangers to dismantling various electronic devices and we like watching other people teardown expensive gadgets too. In the case of the Galaxy S III, a detailed teardown was already published by iFixIt courtesy of Chipworks, but today we are looking at a video showing the intricate process of turning the latest Samsung flagship into bits and pieces. Read more »

Check out Batman Arkham City Armored Edition, Rayman Legends and other Wii U game videos

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Nintendo showcased their upcoming Wii U console with some kickass games that take advantage of its unique controller. As you may know, the Wii U controller has a massive touchscreen between the controls, that gives access to special game features and also lets you switch off the main screen and just play the game on the controller itself, like a PSVita.

Some of the developers have really taken to this new control mechanism. We have the new Batman Arkham City Armored Edition where you can control Batman’s weapons and gadgets from the touchscreen while playing the game, among other things. Check out the videos below to see how this all works. Read more »

Microsoft denies HTC early access to Windows RT

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Just in case you are wondering why is HTC not one of the manufacturers currently showing off a Windows RT tablet at Computex, the reason is because Microsoft denied them access.

Bloomberg is reporting that HTC showed interest in making a Windows RT tablet but Microsoft denied them the license, over concerns “that HTC doesn’t sell enough devices or have ample experience making tablets”. Read more »

Angry Birds Space makes it past the 100 million downloads’ mark

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The good times at Rovio are on at full steam, people. Angry Birds Space – the latest incarnation of the wildly popular video game franchise has hit 100 million downloads.

While the abovementioned number is still quite far from the ten digit download count of the original, the sheer pace with which the milestone was reached is nothing short of impressive. Read more »

Android getting offline Google Maps access, Google Earth for mobile getting bird’s eye 3D view

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At an event held today in the company’s San Francisco offices, the Google Maps team presented their latest and greatest achievements. The most important mobile news is that Android devices are getting offline access to GMaps. But there are other new things too – Google Earth and possibly Maps are getting a fly-by 3D view and we also saw the Google StreetView’s latest camera rig that’s meant to snap hiking trails and such, carried on… the back of a human operator.

The offline maps for Android bit is naturally of much higher interest to us than the other stuff, but you gotta know the new 3D view is also designed to be accessed on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The new 3D view mode, similarly to the project by Bing Maps, uses image data captured by dedicated airplanes, which capture detailed images of metropolitan areas while flying over them in strict patterns thus providing greater degree of detail than was possible before. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Pocket battery life fully tested, results are inside

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The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is a budget offering from Samsung, which aims to scrape the bottom of the Android barrel by luring users into the smartphone game for cheap.

It packs a meager 2.8 inch screen of QVGA resolution, a QVGA camera, and no real power-hogging connectivity features to speak of, so the 1200 mAh battery, despite being on the rather small side, should be good enough to provide ample power. Our barrage of battery tests should certainly help us see how well it actually does. Read more »

Galaxy S III mod enables 30Mbps superfine video recording, lets you use the volume rocker as shutter key

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The Samsung Galaxy S III records videos with impressively high quality, but what if we told you that it’s doing so without even firing on all cylinders? And now, thanks to custom ROM developer hyperX, you can squeeze every ounce of performance from the flagship device.

The newly released mod enables a new superfine mode for the 8-megapixel camera and lets it shoot full HD 1080p videos with a bitrate of 30 Mbps and192 kbit stereo audio. Read more »

Qualcomm boasts its Snapdragon S4 thermal efficiency, compares it to the TI OMAP 4430 and the Exynos 4210

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Mobile chipsets’ processing power is improving unbelievably fast over the past few years, but unfortunately, this brings a lot of unwanted heat to the equation, which takes away some of the fun. According to Qualcomm, though, this needn’t be the case.

This is where their Snapdragon S4 SoC comes in, prepared to show how much cooler (literally!) it is than the TI OMAP 4430 (Motorola RAZR, competitor A) and the Exynos 4210 (Samsung Galaxy S II, competitor B) in a thermal shootout. Read more »

Sony shows the DSC-RX100 point and shoot with big sensor and WhiteMagic screen [UPDATED]

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Sony’s latest digicam offering, the RX100, will put a 1″ 20.9 MP Exmor CMOS sensor with BIONZ image processor in your hands sometime in July for the rather high asking price of $649.

The RX100 has a four times larger sensor than the run-of-the-mill point and shoot cameras, a 25 point Contrast Detect focusing system, and does 1080/60p AVCHD videos with stereo sound. The enthusiast camera can shoot in RAW and offers an ISO range between 120 and 6400 (which can be boosted up to 25600 using multi-frame noise-reduction). Read more »

Dropbox upgrades its Android app, adds Korean language support and video streaming

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Dropbox has launched an update for its Android application bringing its version number to 2.1.4.

There aren’t too many new features in the latest version, though. Added is a Korean language support, which should be great news for Korean Android users. Read more »

Microsoft celebrates 600 million Windows 7 licenses sold

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Just days after Microsoft launched the Release Candidate of Windows 8, the company proudly announced another great achievement – Windows 7 has been sold in more than 600 million copies.

Steven Guggenheimer, CVP of the OEM team at Microsoft made the announcement at Computex adding that more than 75 million licenses were sold in the past four months alone. Read more »

NVIDIA announces five new games for the Tegra 3

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While some might not think it is fair, it surely hasn’t stopped NVIDIA from working with developers to bring special versions of games that are designed to take full advantage of their Tegra hardware and add additional effects and features not found on the non-Tegra versions of these games. We have already seen games like Shadowgun, Samurai II: Vengeance and Riptide GP being optimized for Tegra 3 and now NVIDIA has announced five new games at E2 2012 that will be part of NVIDIA’s TegraZone.

The first of these is the game that you see above called Dead Trigger, which we have talked about once before. This is a first person zombie shooter made by the same people who brought you Shadowgun and Samurai II. NVIDIA has provided a video demonstrating the difference between the standard Android and the Tegra 3 version of the game, which you can find below. Read more »

The Nokia Lumia 610 comes our way, we welcome it

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The Nokia Lumia 610 has dropped in for a visit so we decided to fire up our gear and shoot a video with it.

It comes preloaded with Windows Phone Tango and half the usual amount of RAM for a Windows Phone, totaling 256 MB. Read more »

Google acquires Quickoffice, promises to bring productivity tools to a new level

by 33 comments

Out of the blue Google just announced it has acquired Quickoffice, the popular productivity suite for viewing and editing document files for smartphones.

Google hasn’t provided much details about the acquisition, so it’s unknown whether we should expect an update to Quickoffice or whether it’ll even continue its existence under the same moniker. Read more »

A quad-core sporting Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 gets shown off on YouTube

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All signs point at a launch of the updated Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in the nearest future, people. An updated version of the slate got handled on YouTube, showcasing a number of serious improvements, compared to the Note 10.1, which we encountered back in April.

The updated Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will feature a quad-core Exynos CPU and an S-Pen slot built in – right in line with the previous leaks on the subject. Read more »