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Steam Machine and Controller shipping to beta testers on December 13

We have talked about Valve’s ambitious plan to enter your living room with the SteamOS and Steam Machines. The company had announced a beta testing program back then for a handful of testers, who will now be receiving their Steam Machine along with the Steam Controller on December 13.

The production of these units is close to complete and they will start shipping to 300 lucky beta testers this Friday. The beta testing program is only limited to US citizens due to regulatory issues but the final units will be shipping internationally.

Along with the hardware, Valve will also be releasing the SteamOS for individuals and OEMs. The software is still in beta stage and Valve warns you from installing it unless you’re proficient at using Linux and suggests you should wait till next year for the final build to release. As a refresher, SteamOS will let you play compatible Steam games on any current PC and will also let you stream games from another Windows or OS X computer.

Valve will be announcing more details at CES on January 6 next year.



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