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Data shows Microsoft spends the most on ads, Google barely bothers

We’ve all seen Apple‘s “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads, Microsoft’s laptop hunter ads, but have you ever asked yourself, how much cash those big tech companies are spending on those sometimes informative, sometimes silly, sometimes downright annoying ads?

The data in the chart below is for the 2009 ad budgets for TV, radio and print ads, billboards and online advertisements. The budgets are plotted both in terms of cold hard cash and as a percent of the company’s revenue.

The biggest spender is Microsoft (in terms of money), who spend twice what Apple is shelling out on commercials. However, as percent of the revenue, eBay has the biggest ad budget.

And down there, with a mere 11 million and 0.05% of their revenue spend on ads is Google. It would have been ironic if the company whose main source of income is selling ad space spent a lot of cash on ads.

In case you were wondering how Google can get away with a chump change ad budget, the answer is simple – they don’t do a lot of TV ads and such. The last I can think of is the Search Stories ads. All they need to do is put a line on their homepage, I suppose (like they did for the Motorola DROID for example).



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