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MacBook gets more powerful hardware, longer battery life, MacBook sales up, iPod – down

Analyses show that MacBook sales are unaffected by the iPad – good news for the just released Apple MacBook refresh, which brings Core 2 Duo and GeForce goodness with a longer 10 hour battery life.

The iPod sales however are another matter…

The refreshed MacBook (the white plastic one) has upgraded internals – a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and an NVDIA GeForce 320M graphics chip, which boasts an 80% improvement over the previous generation.

Despite upping the performance, Apple has kept the power usage down – the new MacBook offers up to 10 hours battery life.

Prices start 999 US dollars – check out Apple’s site for more details and customization options.

At that price, MacBooks get you good bang for your buck and this will continue to drive their sales up. Speaking of sales, data shows that April was a good month for the Apple MacBook and a bad one for the iPod.

US MacBook sales went up 39% year-over-year – the expected growth was 19% for this quarter and by the looks of it, this number will easily be reached and surpassed by the end of June.

The iPod however took a plunge – a 17% YoY drop in sales for April, after a 3% drop in March. These are the first signs that the iPad is cannibalizing iPod sales, analysts say, but they also say that Apple has no reason to complain – on average the iPad costs as much as four iPods.

Source: Apple, Fortune


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