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Siri sure knows how to keep you from selling your iPhone 4S [VIDEO]

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Now this probably shouldn’t worry you right now as hardly anyone plans to sell their iPhone just a few months after acquiring it, but it’s one to keep in mind for the future. Siri might go crazy if she hears you consider selling its home.

Okay, maybe the filmmakers Andrew and Nathan McMurry added a dash of imagination to the whole deal, but the result is really worth checking out. 4 minutes and 25 seconds of pure awesomeness follow. Read more »

Edward Norton is the new face of the LG Prada phone

by 12 comments

The newest release by LG in the Prada line, the LG Prada 3.0, will feature a recognizable face in its global ad campaign, as Edward Norton teams up with Ukranian/Canadian model Daria Werbowy.

The two stars were shot by British fashion photographer David Sims, which reinforces LG/Prada’s vision to add a sense of style to the mobile sector. Read more »

Nokia launches Lumia 800 in Poland with an amazing 3D light show [VIDEO]

by 21 comments

Nokia launched the Lumia 800 last night in Poland with another one of their impressive 3D projection light shows.

The first time we saw similar show from Nokia was at the Lumia 800 London launch back in November 2011. Nokia seems to like the idea and the reception by the public, so it lightened up the Staszic Palace in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Read more »

Here’s what an Apple digicam might look like

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If the Apple Quicktake still existed, here’s what a version of it might look like if it were released today.

The concept, by designer Joseph Dumary, provides a glimpse of how current mobile technologies by Apple might translate into the digital camera market. Read more »

Braving the cold: which phone will work at -40 degrees Celsius?

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Designed in sunny California, the iPhone isn’t too good at handling the cold – in fact, Apple only guarantees it will work between 0°C and 35°C. Finns however encounter cold winters often, so a group of them started wondering – which phone will last the most in freezing cold?

They took the 15 of the most popular phones in Finland and decided to do a test – all the way down to -40°C. They plotted when phones first started exhibiting problems and when they stopped working completely. Read more »

Samsung turns ‘The Next Big Thing’ ad series into a Super Bowl ad for the Galaxy Note [VIDEO]

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Continuing its ongoing ‘The Next Big Thing’ series of ads designed to ruthlessly mock the iPhone-line-waiters comes what seems to be the final chapter. But this is no ordinary ad, it is the Super Bowl ad, which is a pretty big deal in the US as millions of people watch these games.

So is the ad any good? Well, I’ll leave that for you to decide. This time, however, Samsung is using it to advertise the Galaxy Note instead of the Galaxy S II. I’m using the term ‘advertise’ loosely here because you barely see what the phone is capable of in it. Then again, that hardly seemed to be the point of these ads to begin with. You can check out the ad for yourself after the break. Read more »

iPhone 4 & 4S case CellHelmet promises to replace your phone if it breaks [VIDEO]

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There are an indeterminate number of iPhone cases out there, aiming to either enhance the aesthetics of Apple’s ‘glass sandwich’ or offer protection from the shunts and bumps of daily life with varying levels of armor.

CellHelmet iPhone case

CellHelmet manufacturer, CellPig are so sure that their tough case will protect your iPhone better than any case before it, they’re willing to pay for repairs or even replace the thing, should anything go awry. Read more »

New Android 4.0 ICS ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S II leaks, looks ready for daily duties

by 52 comments

The developer community managed to acquire yet another Samsung-created beta ICS ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S II. The release is named I9100XXLPB, has a build date of January 29 and, as we managed to see ourselves, is quite a major step forward, compared to previous ones.

This new release comes with a slightly more polished UI, which offers more eye-candy and, according to the guy who brought us the leaked ROM – much better battery endurance. Read more »

Google announces Bouncer service to keep Android malware in check

by 56 comments

The malware situation on Android has been discussed to death, to the point where there are now more articles written on it than the actual malware. Having said that it is still a very serious issue and Google understands this better than anyone. So they have announced a new service called Bouncer.

Bouncer is basically a program that automatically check newly submitted apps. However, there is no App Store or Windows Marketplace like vetting or approval process. Developers submit their apps as usual, which then appear on the Market and Bouncer then checks these applications to see if they are malicious. Read more »

This is not the Galaxy S II Plus you’re looking for

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Today our inbox was flooded with tips about a leaked image of what is supposedly a new Galaxy phone, namely the Galaxy S II Plus. Upon closer inspection, we can see some telltale signs of photo manipulation which lead us to believe that the image is most likely fake.

The photo, originally published on editor-in-chief Elder Murtazin’s twitter page, shows some blatant inconsistencies with what we know about the upcoming ICS TouchWiz interface, among other things. Read more »

Samsung ‘join the queue’ with their new Superbowl ad

by 84 comments

As with the Honda’s tantalizing CRV Superbowl ad, Samsung have thrown in their two cents ahead of the main event to join the ranks of Volkswagen, Go Daddy and Victoria’s Secret.

Whoa! what is that?

As it goes, Superbowl ad space is the cream of the crop when it comes to TV advertising space and Samsung have spent it advertising their new Galaxy Note. Read more »

iPad 3 to feature worldwide LTE and quad-core chipset?

by 39 comments

Leaked iBoot images show that the next Apple tablet will have a combined GSM/CDMA/LTE radio, as well as a quad-core A6 chipset.

The model numbers leaked are J1 and J2, which refer to two versions of the iPad 3 (iPad 3,1 and iPad 3,2, respectively). Read more »

An Android-powered phone made of bamboo is light, eco-friendly

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Here’s an interesting phone designed by a 23 year-old student at Middlesex University – an Android-powered smartphone, whose body is made of a single piece of bamboo. It’s a unibody that Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, the designer, claims is as strong as plastic, but is eco-friendly and is twice as light as an iPhone.

Woodhouse is working for a Chinese company called ADzero that will make the phone – the bamboo phone won’t suffer the fate of most beautiful concepts that never make it into the hands of consumers. Read more »

Google releases update to its Chrome to Phone app

by 4 comments

Google’s nifty app finally gets its first update in over a year, and brings some much-needed fixes to Honeycomb users.

Chrome to Phone lets you instantaneously send open webpages to your mobile browser, as well as directions and phone numbers. Read more »

Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX battery trial is over, meet our new champion [TEST]

by 133 comments

With a 3300 mAh battery out of the box, the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX has almost twice the capacity, compared to any of its direct competitors, so, naturally, the expectations for the smartphone’s battery performance ran quite high.

Well, here are the results from the RAZR MAXX run in our battery test, people. Prepare to be impressed! Read more »