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Here are some of the best iOS app sales and then some

After telling you all about the greatest deals we could find in the Google Play store yesterday, today we thought it’s high time to scour the Apple iOS AppStore and bring you the best deals this week. I have the honor of taking you through the titles that had their prices slashed today or a day or two ago.

The links I’ve prepared point to the online version of the US AppStore, but usually you can find the same app in your own regional stores at (relatively) the same discount. Ok, let’s not waste any more time and get to the lists.

These are the most recent discounts in the AppStore.


Now Gameloft and EA Games are running their own Thanksgiving sales this week. These got a lot of press so you probably already know about their discounted titles, but just for the sake of completeness, I’ll add them here as well.

EA Games has more than 60 games on sale, but they count Android games too.

Anyway, the most popular discounted iOS titles include:
$0.99 – Plants vs. Zombies
$4.99 – Need For Speed: Most Wanted
$0.99 – Dead Space
$2.99 – FIFA 13
$0.99 – Monopoly Millionaire
$0.99 – Need for Speed: Undercover
$0.99 – Real Racing 2
$0.99 – MASS EFFECT: Infiltrator
$0.99 – RISK

Some discounted iPad only titles are:
$0.99 – Plants vs. Zombies HD
$0.99 – Mirror’s Edge
$0.99 – Real Racing 2 HD
$0.99 – SimCity Deluxe
$0.99 – Ultimate Mortal Combat 3
$0.99 – MONOPOLY
$0.99 – SHIFT 2 Unleashed
$0.99 – BATTLEFIELD: Bad Company 2
$0.99 – The Game of Life

Check the full list of EA GAMES discounts here.

Gameloft has the following games on tap for $0.99 each:
$0.99 – BackStab
$0.99 – The Amazing Spider-Man
$0.99 – Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
$0.99 – Tom Clancy’s Rainbox Six: Shadow Vanguard

Some other discounted games I’ve found are:
$2.99 – Infinity Blade II
$0.99 – Shadowgun
$0.99 – Carmaggedon
$0.99 – Avengers Initiative
$0.00 – Asphalt 7 – this one has been set as free the whole week
$0.99 – Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile

Camera apps

$1.99 – Filterstorm
$0.99 – Hipstamatic

GPS navigation

$24.99 – Garmin U.S.A. – only today
$24.99 – NAVIGON USA by Garmin – only today
$14.99 – Sygic US: GPS Navigation – only this weekend
$33.99 – Sygic Europe: GPS Navigation – only this weekend

Misc apps

$0.99 – Toodledo – To Do List
$2.99 – IM+ Pro

I certainly can’t claim that I’ve spotted all deals. If I’ve missed something, feel free to post it in the comments below.

Another point I have to make is that these price discounts are certainly not the last for this year. Traditionally, many app developers have substantial sales around Christmas so if you can’t purchase the apps you’d like right now, you’ll still have your chance in a month’s time.


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