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Samsung Galaxy W I8150 falls in our unboxing trap, can’t escape our first impressions writeup [VIDEO]

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Another letter of the Galaxy alphabet has come to visit us today – the Galaxy W a.k.a. I8150. It sits in the middle (size-wise) between the entry level Galaxy Y and the high-end Galaxy S.

The Samsung Galaxy W I8150 is in the middle in terms of performance too – the Qualcomm MSM8255T Snapdragon chipset packs one 1.4GHz core and Adreno 205 graphics that offer pretty good performance. Read more »

Samsung I8350 Omnia W walks in our office, we take it for a spin [VIDEO]

by 21 comments

The Samsung Omnia W is our guest these days and we thought we’d bring you a video of our encounter with it.

It’s been a long time since the Omnia 7 walked in an introduced Super AMOLED to Windows Phone – a year actually. The Omnia W brings some big improvements over its predecessor and some not quite as big. Read more »

Huawei U8850 Vision lands at ours, sprays some SPB UI magic around [VIDEO]

by 14 comments

Yet another Android smartphone joined our review queue and here we are, rushing to give you some quick first impressions of it to give you an idea of what to expect. The Huawei U8850 Vision is a mid-range Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread smartphone that comes with surprisingly sophisticated design for its price.

You probably noticed that the back of the Huawei U8850 Vision is really reminiscent of some HTC smartphones, but you may be surprised to know that Huawei also matched their Taiwanese rivals for build quality and feel of the materials used. Read more »

HTC Aria pays us a visit, still trying to tell it apart from the HD mini (Updated!)

by 9 comments

Shhh… The “La donna e mobile” aria is about to start. By which I mean, we just got the HTC Aria and we’re on to unboxing the little fella. We somehow missed how the Aria went from AT&T USA only handset to a worldwide phone, but here it is in our hands – a genuine quad-band Android smartphone with dual-band “Euro” 3G support all in a mini form factor.

But we digress. Here’s what this Android loving HTC HD mini look-alike has to offer…
Read more »

Acer Stream drops by, we shoot it on video

by 548 comments

Our next guest is the newest member of the high-end Android lineup. Acer Stream managed to surprise us with top notch specs and really cool Acer Touch 3D user interface.

We’ve been eagerly waiting for some movement on the high-end Android market that’s so far been ruled by HTC and Samsung. Acer Stream enters the fray of battle just in time and rest assured, there will be blood.
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Unboxing the Nokia C6 – mass market texting, the Symbian way

by 939 comments

The Nokia C6 landed in our office and we did the unboxing tango with it. Nokia doesn’t have a great many phones that combine a touch screen and a hardware QWERTY – and that’s quite a popular combo, just look at all those Androids.

Nokia C6

Aside from the Nokia N97 and N97 mini, the Maemo-powered Nokia N900 was the other touchscreen/QWERTY phone. And now, there’s the Nokia C6 – 3.2” nHD touchscreen and a four-row QWERTY keyboard are its claim to fame… Read more »

Apple iPhone 4 is finally in our hands, we go rampant

by 81 comments

Apple’s latest phone has certainly kept many gadget-lovers awake at night. It has been an uneasy waiting for us too. Well, the iPhone 4 is finally here. And it’s here to stay obviously as my colleagues are not letting it go anytime soon.

From the brief time I managed to snatch them off their hands, I enjoyed the snappiness of the UI. While at first glance, the general UI is not much faster than the iPhone 3GS, loading times for most applications are way shorter on the iPhone 4. Read more »

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S drops by our office on its way to market release, demo video inside

by 47 comments

We received a second unit of the Samsung new Android-running flagship, the I9000 Galaxy S. The mouth-watering smartphone is pretty close to being ready to hit the shelves so we are interested to find out how far Samsung have taken the thing this time around.

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The HTC HD mini review coming up next, brings WinMo back to our homepage

by 32 comments

It has been some time since we last reviewed a Windows Mobile-running smartphone, but here comes the HTC HD mini to right this wrong. We just received our review unit and as usual we are going to show you a couple of videos so you know what to expect.

The HTC HD mini might be a lot more compact than the HTC HD2 but in general terms it’s just slightly smaller than average. Read more »

HTC Desire pays us a visit, AMOLED and HTC Sense is what you’ve been looking for

by 40 comments

Our HTC Legend review is still warm, but here comes another anticipated Droid – the Desire. Its advantages over the Legend include an AMOLED screen half inch bigger, a snappier Snapdragon CPU and more RAM.

In case you are wondering what good that does bring in real life, check out the couple of videos that we have prepared for you. Read more »

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S brings it whole four inches of Super AMOLED-ishness to our office (video inside)

by 37 comments

That next handset that we have for a preview is a real star. The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is yet another flagship aiming for a place at the top of the Android pyramid and from what we are seeing so far it might just succeed.

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Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica joins the review queue in its Android 2.1 outfit

by 42 comments

Five out of six review articles that we published this month have been of Android devices but if you thought we are about to run out of test subjects you are wrong. We should be ready with the LG GW620 out-and-out review tomorrow but until then let me show you what’s coming after it.

To follow next week is the Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica. The handset just received its official Android 2.1 update and we are pretty eager to give it a try. We have prepared a short video demonstrating the Galaxy Spica in action to give you an idea of what to expect from the review. Read more »

Android breathing LG GW620 pays us a visit, demo video inside

by 865 comments

The Android family is getting larger by the day. Just after the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 landed at ours, we have received the LG GW620. It packs handy sliding-out full QWERTY keyboard following the GW-series tradition.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 lands at ours, the demo video awaits you

by 80 comments

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 will hit the shelves any moment now and just before that it pays our office a visit. We are pleased to meet again, this time with an almost *retail* sample. I can assure you we will take best care for it and the X10 will be inspected thoroughly.

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Motorola BACKFLIP comes to our office, goes on video

by 480 comments

Motorola BACKFLIP is the next member of the Android family that is in for one of our trademark exhausting out-and-out reviews. We’ve been playing around with it for a few days now and we decided to give you a short video to get you prepared for what’s about to come.

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