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Rovio and NASA exchange tweets, new Angry Birds Seasons ad launches in space

“Join the hunt for Golden Eggs!” is Rovio’s slogan appearing in the latest Angry Birds Season commercial. There are golden eggs, Indiana Jones styled font, a really angry bird and… a space shuttle.!/NASA/status/61051714173800448

NASA even tweeted on Rovio’s wall about this. May be the next Angry Birds is going up…literally?

Here is the mysterious commercial:

As you can see the video has nothing to do with the current Easter version of the Angry Birds Season except the ending. Does Rovio hint us about a new space version of Angry Birds with completely new physics because of the zero-gravity? I guess we’ll find about that soon.

Meanwhile you should try the latest Easter update of Seasons – there are 10 hidden golden eggs unlocking 10 new levels. In case you already finished that, the Rio update is coming in less than a month.



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