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Microsoft Xbox One with 1TB storage and a new controller spotted at Amazon

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Microsoft was working on a surprise for the console lovers but in the mean time Amazon jumped the gun. A listing of Xbox One with 1TB storage and new controller was spotted in the online store.

More storage is always welcome and to sweeten the deal, Halo: The Master Chief collection has also been included. The entire bundle would cost you $400, while a similar bundle with 500GB storage will cost you $350. Read more »

Doom 3 BFG Edition arrives on Nvidia Shield Tablet and Shield Android TV

by 9 comments

Doom 3 BFG Edition for Nvidia Shield Tablet and Shield Android TV made its way to the Google Play store. The classic video game title is priced at $9.99 and comes bundled with the original Doom and Doom II.

The video game has been developed by id Software, the original team behind the legendary franchise. Read more »

Steam Link, Steam Controller now available for pre-order

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Valve promised to release SteamOS for the general public in November. In the meantime, Steam Link and Steam Controller have been quietly put up for pre-order at the Steam Store. For the time being, only the ‘add to wishlist’ option is visible but the ‘more like this’ at the bottom of the listing reveals the price.

The multimedia streaming device Steam Link has been listed at $50 while the Steam Controller is also listed for the same price. The Steam Controller is meant to be enjoyed with Steam games. It features HD haptic feedback, two trackpads, one analog stick, and dual-stage triggers to engage in any kind of gameplay. Read more »

Valve launches 2-week no fuss refund policy on steam games, DLC and more

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Valve’s game distribution service Steam has been updated with a new refund policy. Under the new Steam Refunds policy, you can file for a refund for any reason within 14 days of game purchase and game play of less than two hours.

No matter if your PC didn’t meet the hardware requirements, the game was purchased by mistake, or you just didn’t like the game after playing it for an hour – Steam will grant you a refund. Read more »

Nintendo NX game console will not run Android after all

by 41 comments

Yesterday, we reported about a possibility that Nintendo will adopt Google’s Android platform for its upcoming game console codenamed NX.

However, today a company spokesperson refuted the claims and stated that there is no truth to the report. No reasons were cited for not using Android for NX game console. There goes a possibility of having yet another Android game console down the drain. Read more »

Corsair announces Bulldog and Lapdog

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Corsair has been making gaming peripherals for a while now, but now the company has decided to enter the gaming PC segment with the announcement of the Bulldog. Bulldog is not your average gaming PC, mostly because it doesn’t have the hardware inside to actually work, and also it’s designed for the living room.

Bulldog is a DIY gaming PC meant for 4K gaming in your living room, either replacing or complementing your existing gaming console. The ‘compact by gaming PC standards but not quite by actual consoles standards’ chassis houses a Hydro Series H5SF liquid CPU cooler, an SF600 600-watt SFX12V-form factor power supply, and an unspecified mini-ITX motherboard utilizing an Intel chipset. What you add beyond that is your choice. Read more »

Nintendo NX game console to run Android-based OS

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Nintendo is working on its next generation game console dubbed NX but will remain mum on any details until we are closer to its launch in 2016. And while the hardware details are unknown, new reports claim that the NX gaming console will run an Android-based operating system.

So far, Nintendo has only hinted that the NX will be supplemental to the existing Wii U and the 3DS game consoles. That doesn’t mean that Nintendo has given up racing against the existing PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Read more »

Best Apps and Games of the Week

by 19 comments

Here are all the best apps and games that came out this week.

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Telltale’s Game of Thrones Episode 4 ‘Sons of Winter’ is now available

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Telltale Games has been working on the games based on the Game of Thrones series and has been releasing the same in instalments. The new Episode 4 ‘Sons of Winter’ is now available as an in-app purchase for $5 to play it on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS and Android platforms.

The second half of the Telltale’s first Game of Thrones season starts with this new Episode 4 and soon the first season will be over in couple of months. When compared to the TV Show, new Episode 4 starts with the situation showing the third season. Read more »

Check out the gameplay of the upcoming survival horror game ‘SOMA’

by 23 comments

SOMA is an upcoming survival horror game by Frictional Games, the people who made Amnesia and the Penumbra series of games. The game will be out on PC and PS4 on September 22.

SOMA takes place in a remote underwater research facility. The 12 minute long gameplay video features the main character in first person mode going around, trying to figure things out, which also hiding from… something (I’m not sure). Read more »

‘Leo’s Fortune’ now available on Windows Phone and Windows

by 47 comments

Popular 2D side scrolling game Leo’s Fortune is now available on both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1. The game is a universal app and you just have to purchase it once and it will work on either platforms.

Leo’s Fortune won many awards when it came out last year on iOS and Android. It is one of the better looking games on either platform and has good level design with some fun platforming puzzles. Leo, a tiny little furball, also brings a lot of character to the game. Read more »

Nvidia Shield TV console now available for $200, $300 for 500GB Pro version

by 70 comments

Nvidia finally launched the Shield console, you can snag one in the US or Canada. The elusive Shield Pro version with a 500GB drive is also available right out the gate.

The Android TV-based console can play games on its Tegra X1 chipset, currently there are 200 Android TV games. Read more »

QuizUp 2.0 brings new design and features, web version

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Popular quiz app QuizUp got a major update. The new version, available on iOS and Android, brings a new design. It also focuses more on the community and almost feels like a social networking app now.

You could always follow people through the app but now it shows you people around you, or in the same country or even the world who like the same topics as you and then you can add them and play against them. There is also a topic page for each topic where people can share stuff related to the topic and chat with other people. Read more »

Best Apps and Games of the Week

by 17 comments

Here are the best apps and games that came out this week.

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Razer launches Firefly gaming mat with customizable LED lights

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Gamers have a fascination for matte black products and glowing LED lights. The present breed of Razer’s gaming mice and keyboards are the living proof of that. Now the company has stepped ahead to bring a gaming mouse mat with LED lighting called Firefly.

Razer Firefly has a textured finish and a reflective coating to optimize the mouse tracking. This gaming mouse mat is hard and has LED lights smartly placed around the left, right and bottom edges. Those LED lights can be controlled and customized to emit specified colors as well as effects. Read more »