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BlackBerry ad shows how cool BB OS 7 and their new touch phones are – no wait, that’s an Android

Well, someone really needs to start doing QA on the commercials phone companies make – check out this (now pulled) BlackBerry ad. It’s a “#BB7FanNight” party with people saying how cool the new BlackBerry OS 7 and the phones running it are.

Hey… that keyboard kind of looks like an Android keyboard. Is BlackBerry saying Android’s on-screen keyboard is so good that they’ve copied it? No, wait – false alarm. It’s just an actual Android phone – check out the Home button.

It’s not as bad as when Nokia ad that used a stock photo of a girl holding an iPhone, but still – if you’re going to have people gushing over how cool your new OS and phones are, make sure they’re actually using your new OS and phones.

Here’s the video, the droid infiltrator can be spotted at 0:15 and 0:27:



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