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Windows 8 Store now has over 35,000 apps in its catalog

We already saw how the Windows Phone 8 Store is doing, time to have a look at the Windows 8 store. According to MetroStore Scanner, the store for Microsoft’s new computer OS has over 35,000 apps, over 22,000 of which are available in the UK.

That’s not bad, considering that the Store had only 10,000 apps at the end of October. The growth is accelerating too – in early November the Windows 8 Store on average saw 362 new apps added to its virtual shelves each day. That number is now 415.

So, even if the number of new apps per day were to stop growing, the Store will have some 50,000 apps by February of next year. Again, this is for the Windows 8 OS and not the mobile Windows Phone 8 OS.

Unfortunately, MetroStore Scanner doesn’t offer a breakdown of x86 vs. ARM apps, but as far as web traffic goes, the Windows 8 RT platform isn’t doing too hot.

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