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Corning to showcase Gorilla Glass 3 at CES, says it’s three times tougher

Corning’s Gorilla Glass has become synonymous with scratch-resistance for mobile devices (both phones and tablets), so we’re excited to see the third iteration of the product. Corning will showcase it at CES and its president will give a talk about the future of specialized glass for the video and gaming industry.

Gorilla Glass 3 promises a 3x increase in scratch resistance and fewer visible scratches. When GG3 does get scratched, Corning says its retained strength will be 50% better than that of the predecessors.

This is thanks to something called Native Damage Resistance, which will also reduce the propagation of flaws.

Corning’s president will talk about how specialized glass will impact “hi-res, 3D, HD video, Internet-connected TVs, conformable displays, tablets and viral apps”. Gorilla Glass is already used on phones, tablets and TVs and Lotus Glass is flexible (probably what he means by “conformable displays”), but how glass will affect viral apps is beyond me.

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