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Windows Phone Store gains over 75,000 apps in 2012

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store has steadily been making progress, at least as far as the number of applications are concerned. 2012, in particular, seems to have been a good year, with over 75,000 new applications been added to the store, roughly doubling the overall number.

Back during the launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft had said that they had over 120,000 apps on the Windows Phone Store, although no further update was provided on that number this time. What we do know is that customers are now downloading an average of 54 applications to their device, which is over half of what iOS users do.

Microsoft also says that they are seeing an increase in the developer revenue since the launch of Windows Phone 8 by about 40 percent in the past one month.

The Windows Phone Store is now available in 191 markets worldwide.



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