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Speaktoit Assistant launches on iOS to challenge Siri

by 43 comments

The Speaktoit Assistant is an app that started off on Android and has now crossed over into iOS, bringing Siri-like functionality to iPhone owners outside of the 4S.

Speaktoit can do practically everything Siri does – it can call your contacts, send messages, search for places – even outside of the US and more. Read more »

Dual-SIM Nokia Asha 200 is here and ready to text [VIDEO]

by 16 comments

Now that we’ve gotten the 300 out of the way, it’s time for the super cheap Nokia – the Asha 200 to have a go at our reviewing course.

The Asha 200 is a non-touch device with a full four row QWERTY keyboard, which has the ability to operate two SIM cards at the same time. Trying to keep the asking price as low as possible, the Nokia Asha 200 has a modest specs sheet, covering little else but the basics. Read more »

VW’s new Beetle ad urges you to get in shape for the Super bowl

by 8 comments

Volkswagen’s game day commercial just went live on YouTube and it turns out that it is a real must-see.

It features Bolt the dog, a red Volkswagen Beetle and a nice twist. Read more »

Toshiba releases Q3 earnings, things don’t look great

by 4 comments

Toshiba’s latest quarterly results aren’t very good – the company’s revenues are down and despite generating $18.5 billion in revenue Toshiba actually lost $136 million.

Year over year revenue fell by 9% – that includes PCs, TVs and all sorts of electronic devices and appliances. Read more »

Jailbreaking and rooting could soon become illegal again, unless you act now

by 43 comments

Back in July of 2010 the US government ruled that jailbreaking and rooting weren’t a crime as long as the intention behind them isn’t circumventing copyright.

The ruling is set to expire soon and unless renewed, jailbreaking and rooting of smartphones will become illegal once again. Read more »

Motorola building classrooms of the 21 century, shows uncanny Apple-styled video too

by 49 comments

Motorola has outed an article and video on building classrooms of the 21 century, where focus falls on using the Xoom tablet as an interactive tool for teaching and learning.

Now that, normally, would be all fine and good but the problem lies with the fact that Motorola, sly as they are, have released the video and article on the same day that Apple had their textbook-centric event in New York (touche!) Read more »

Motorola rolls out ICS update to Xoom Wi-Fi owners in the USA

by 12 comments

Motorola has started rolling out an OTA Ice Cream Sandwich software update to its Xoom Wi-Fi tablet but sadly only users in the US can take advantage so far.

Among the new features are a faster, updated browser, swipe to dismiss notifications, tasks, browsers tabs, the new app launcher, resizable widgets and more. Read more »

Angry Birds Seasons gets The Year of the Dragon update for iOS, Android and others coming soon

by 9 comments

Angry Birds Seasons The Year of the Dragon update is here at last and it starts off as an iOS exclusive.

Users get 15 new levels filled with lanterns, fireworks, Chinese knots, the lot. The Mighty Eagle add-on is transformed into the (wait for it) Mighty Dragon and is free on iOS, Android and Symbian^3 (ordinarily it costs around $0.99). Read more »

Amazon releases 6.2.2 update to Kindle Fire users, Silk browser goes full-screen

by 3 comments

Kindle Fire users are reporting that an OTA update is rolling out, bringing the Kindle Fire software version up to v6.2.2. Amazon still hasn’t officially announced it though.

The most notable feature of the update is full-screen mode for the web browser of the Kindle Fire. Read more »

VW teases its next Superbowl commercial – the Bark Side of the force

by 9 comments

Last February Volkswagen showed the World its “The Force” commercial, which quite frankly rocked.

Now it’s that time of the year again – the Superbowl, America’s sports event slash holiday and Volkswagen seem keen to take over the TV sportlight (get it) once again. What we have is a teaser promo for the sequel – The Bark Side. Read more »

All you need is projection mapping and ideas – an Audi video show

by 12 comments

If you’re not familiar with projection mapping (or video mapping), it’s a way to convey movement and artistic effects to an object that’s standing still.

We’ve seen those done by Samsung and LG on various buildings in various cities, especially 3D projection mapping. It looks awesome and, for me, is an art form all on its own. Read more »

Google+ adds meme-style photo captioning

by 10 comments

Google+ is going to add a simple edit tool for your future picture uploads, giving you the option to make captions to them.

Those of you familiar with meme captioning of pics should know what we’re talking about. Read more »

HzO protects your device from water on a molecular level

by 50 comments

HzO WaterBlock is a technology that utilizes invisible vapor coating that wraps around your device’s innards.

HzO’s protective nano-sized molecules protect the device’s electronics, like processor, RAM, radio chips and more from moisture. Read more »

Android-running INFOBAR CO1 is a colorful Japan-oriented candybar

by 9 comments

The INFOBAR CO1 is part of a 5 smartphones lineup announced yesterday by Japanese carrier KDDI au.

It is the most interesting in the lineup and offers a heavily overhauled UI based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread (iida UI), colorful looks and hardware numpad to go with its touchscreen display. Read more »

iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak possible on iOS 5.0.1, won’t be in 5.1

by 20 comments

The ChronicDevTeam courtesy of member @DHowett, iOS developer, has a video showcasing an untethered jailbreak on an iPhone 4S, running on iOS 5.0.1.

This sort of a jailbreak solution has been available on A4-powered iDevices but, up until now, it had its ups and downs on the A5-powered iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Read more »