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Microsoft Surface torn down, found relatively hard to repair

The Surface is Microsoft’s first tablet and the software giant is quite proud of the design, but as iFixit found out, the sleek external shell is hard to get open if you need to do some repairs. A total of 17 screws hold the back in place and 7 of those are under a hard to remove plastic bezel.

Anyway, the inside of the Surface holds several interesting chips, including an NVIDIA Tegra 3. There’s also 2GB of DDR3 RAM from Micron, 32GB flash storage from Samsung and a Wolfson audio chip.

The battery is a 31.5Wh unit – smaller than that of the Apple iPad 3. The screen comes off after pulling out a number of other components and is made by Samsung. As iFixit points out, the model number points to as screen with 1280 x 800 resolution instead of the advertised 1366 x 768 res, but then info on the screen component is sketchy, so it could be a case of mislabeled WXGA.

Anyway, the Microsoft Surface got a reparability score of 4/10. Head over to iFixit if you need a guide on how to open the tablet (you can’t have broken it already, can you?).



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