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WP8 wars: HTC calls Lumia 920 a fatty, uses pennies to make a point

Oh No You Didn’t! HTC went on Facebook to flaunt its slender Windows Phone 8X device and take a jab at “that other Windows Phone”Nokia Lumia 920 for being “more than 20 pennies” heavier than the WP 8X.

A bit of research and we find that the American penny (or otherwise one cent) weighs exactly 2.5 grams. So we calculated 20 pennies to be precisely 50 grams, meaning HTC is referring to the 55 g heavier than the WP 8X Lumia 920. Ouch!

Here’s the picture attached to the post.

This rivalry over who’s Microsoft’s favorite started when the HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S were released as “signature” devices. Nokia’s Head of Marketing Chris Weber took to Twitter to call out HTC as just tactically rebranding their portfolio unlike Nokia, which is “driving an industry-leading smartphone franchise exclusively around Windows Phone”.



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