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OS X Mountain Lion to be sold exclusively through the Mac App Store

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Apple has said that the next iteration of its OS X operating system will be sold exclusively through the online Mac App Store. This means you will require a fast Internet connection and an Apple ID in order to upgrade to this OS when it releases later this year.

Apple started this trend with Lion, which was its first OS to be sold online. They even removed the software DVDs that were provided along with Macs that were sold with Lion pre-installed. However, later on Apple did start selling the OS on bootable flash drives through its stores for $69, which is a lot more than the $29 you pay for the OS through the Mac App Store. However, that option will be discontinued with the release of Mountain Lion. Read more »

Creators Proview show us the iPAD that’s tying up the iPad in China

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“Simple, fast and cost effective” was the most prominent statement found in the iPAD’s promotional material and to clarify, we’re referring to Proview’s Internet Personal Access Device, rather than anything from Californian tech giant Apple.

Proview's iPAD

Yes, the name that has recently shown itself to be a thorn in Apple’s side has a face and it’s oddly familiar. Read more »

Angry Birds Space comes out on March 22, to be Rovio’s biggest launch since the original game

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I know most of you will be going “Not another Angry Birds!” by now but this one is different. Angry Birds Space promises to be an exciting departure from the usual Angry Birds gameplay. Yes, there will still be some limbless bird flinging but this time the conditions are different.

As the name suggests, the game will take place in outer space and this introduces some interesting new parameters to the gameplay. You will be playing in zero gravity, which should heavily affect the game’s physics. Meanwhile, there are also going to be some new birds to fling, along with some familiar ones. Read more »

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 expected to release on February 21

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We have been hearing about it for quite a while now but RIM has yet to give a specific release date for the next major release of the BlackBerry PlayBook operating system. However, Engadget has now received some images that help clear the doubts.

According to these images, the OS 2.0 update is slated for release on February 21, just three days from now, at 4:01 a.m (in an unknown timezone). Read more »

LG’s Miracle Windows Phone performs for the camera [VIDEO]

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In the run up to Mobile World Congress, device leaks are inevitable. This time around its the Koreans taking to the stage as we get a glimpse of what appears to be the upcoming LG Miracle on film.

The supposed LG Miracle

A unique Windows Phone to the family, the Miracle’s specs include a 4″ NOVA display and for the first time on a Windows Phone, NFC capability. Read more »

Our blog gets a mobile version, give it a try

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Mobile versions are what we do this month and now it’s our blog’s turn to get smartphone-friendly. We put a lot of effort in that one too and now we feel it’s ready to make its official debut.

Our main goal when designing the mobile version of the was to reduce the data needed to load it and improve its loading speed without sacrificing any of the functionality. Good performance and intuitive navigation were also high on our priority list.

Read more »

Twitter extends its self-serve advertising to small businesses

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As of Thursday, Twitter opened up their self-serve advertising model to small businesses, allowing them to place ads on the company’s messaging platform, just as large businesses have been able to do since 2010.

an example promoted tweet from a small business

Twitter have been looking for greater ways with which they can increase their advertising revenue, a step such as this will add a lot of value to a company already estimated to be worth $8 billion. Read more »

iOS 5.1 leaked image shows camera slider in lockscreen and confirms Japanese Siri

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Portuguese tech blog BlogdoiPhone reportedly was able to obtain a pre-Golden Master version of iOS 5.1 and uncovered two interesting novelties.

In the first leaked screenshot we see that the camera shortcut in the lockscreen is no longer a mere button but a slide up/down shortcut. Read more »

Max Payne for mobile devices is on the way, Rockstar confirms

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Rockstar keeps delivering great news to gamers around the planet today. First it was the new trailer of the upcoming Max Payne 3 and now the game studio confirms that the original Max Payne game will hit iOS and Android devices “very soon”.

The news came from a Q&A session hosted on the Rockstar website, where a fan asked whether Max Payne will be ported for mobile devices and Rockstar responded “Yes, it’s on its way”. Read more »

See Mozilla’s Boot2Gecko mobile OS in action, partners to be revealed at MWC

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A year ago Mozilla announced its plans for a mobile OS based on web standards called Boot2Gecko (B2G). Then, in November last year the company showed us simple drawings of its prototype mobile OS and now it has come to this – Boot2Gecko is out for everyone to taste.

Not only that, but according to company’s CTO Brenden Eich, at this year’s Mobile Web Congress in Barcelona, Mozilla will announce some of its hardware manufacturing partners interested in building B2G running products. Read more »

The Wheel of Time’s final book A Memory of Light to come on January 8 2013

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Good news, Robert Jordan fans! The Wheel of Time series started over two decades ago, back in January 1990, with The Eye of the World.

I almost lost hope when Robert Jordan passed away, but thanks to Brandon Sanderson, we are going to see the end of the saga. Read more »

New Samsung Galaxy S II ICS ROM surfaces, we benchmark it

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Yet another Samsung Galaxy S II Android 4.0 ICS ROM escaped the Samsung R&D center and walked right into the hand of indie developers and smartphone enthusiasts. Carrying the version number I9100XXLPH, the new ROM has a build date of February 9 and, as you can expect, it is the most stable and functional ICS ROM for the Galaxy S II to date.

The LPH release is only a short step away from feeling like a polished final ROM. It’s smooth enough, it supports all of the phone’s hardware and it gets rid of the nagging “set up update” notification from previous beta releases. Read more »

Leaked screenshots of Google Drive surface

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An image of what is purportedly Google’s as yet unreleased cloud storage service, Google Drive, has been leaked.

Drive (as in what’s in your computer, not what you do with your car), will potentially allow you to store a certain amount of data online, with the idea that it be accessible from any location with internet access, as well as via other devices you own. Read more »

Amazon approach Foxconn to produce the Kindle Fire 2

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The Kindle Fire was Amazon’s first step into the tablet world, discounting the E Ink enabled Kindles before it, the Fire was a full color, 7″ Android tab rocking Silk, its cloud-supported web browser.

Now it would appear that Amazon have approached electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn as a new OEM to add to list of those charged with producing its successor, the Kindle Fire 2. Read more »

New Max Payne 3 trailer is out, reveals the game’s storyline

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Rockstar has launched the second official Max Payne 3 trailer, which reveals a bit more about the storyline in the game. Until now the game studio only revealed a bit of the gameplay of the action title.

If you remember, in the first two parts of Max Payne, he was looking for the people who murdered his family, and he finally had his sweet revenge. Now, the story is quite different, but it could still prove very interesting. Read more »