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Google Maps for Android gets biking directions

There is a new 4.2 version of Google Maps for Android. It adds biking directions, Navigation shortcut and place sharing.

There are three types of biking roads marked on the Bicycling layer – roads with bike lanes (light green), bike-only trails (dark green) and suitable for biking roads but with no dedicated lane (dashed green). You can also combine the Bicycling layer with the Terrain one and decide whether you’d like to climb or avoid the hills.

The next new addition is the Google Maps Navigation shortcut. Besides the original Maps one, you’ll now have a dedicated Navigation shortcut. As soon as you tap it, you can just speak up/choose/type your destination and you’re good to go.

Finally, come the sharing functions. You are now able to share your current position with your friends or send them the exact coordinates and address for a meeting.

The update is out now and you can get the latest Google Maps 4.2 from the Android Market.



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