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New Samsung Galaxy S II ad, puts heat on zippy 1.2 GHz dual-core processor

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Samsung has released yet another ad for their flagship extraordinaire, the Galaxy S II. This time the main focus is on the industry-leading (so far) Exynos chipset, packing a dual-core processor, clocked at 1.2 GHz and the HSPA+ internet speeds. The ad promises there will be no more breaks, just smooth sailing.

The video is shot on a square in front of a beautiful building in some desirable location (probably) and displays two sets of dance groups. One of them represents the hiccup performance with the brakes, stuttering while dancing and then comes the zippier, more fluid one, which dances circles around the first one. Read more »

Samsung drops the Social Hub Premium Update, disappoints Wave users

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Samsung recently published a notice on their Samsung Social Hub Facebook page stating that the Social Hub Premium update will not be coming to the Samsung Wave S8500. Social Hub Basic is Samsung’s standard interconnecting messaging and communications infrastructure found on their premium Android and Bada handsets such as the Galaxy S II and the Wave II.

Samsung Wave S8500

The basic version offers support for ActiveSync support for email, Gtalk and Yahoo! Messenger IM functionality and integrated calendar and contact syncing abilities. Read more »

We got our hands on a retail Samsung Galaxy S II, does yours look the same?

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Today we managed to get our hands on a Samsung Galaxy S II with the retail hardware and we’ve taken some pictures for you. But we are wondering if your retail Galaxy S II looks the same?

As you know Samsung has added its logo above the display as soon as it was announced its CPU is going to run at 1.2GHz.
Read more »

Samsung S5660 Galaxy Gio lands in our office, we shoot a video

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The Galaxy Gio is one of the four new members in the mid-range Galaxy lineup running on Froyo – Ace, Fit, Mini and Gio. We already had the Ace in our hands so we didn’t expect any surprises with the Gio. And there certainly are none, now that we have it on our hands.

Samsung Galaxy Gio packs virtually the same hardware as the Ace except two minor changes – a 0.3-inch smaller display and a 3.2 auto-focus megapixel camera instead of 5. The connectivity package, processor, graphics, Android OS and TouchWiz UI, as well as the memory options and even the battery are the same as those of the Samsung Ace. Read more »

Google Nexus S Challenge 2 is on, there are seven Nexus S phones up for grabs

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Google is holding another challenge to promote its Nexus S phone through Twitter. The challenge starts today and the first puzzle is already up. There are 7 Google Nexus S phones lined up as prizes for the winners – so, can you solve the puzzle?

If you’re the creative type, there will be an essay and photo challenges to come…

The contest will run for ten days and people from a number of countries can participate Read more »

Galaxy S II stars in a new ad, late for Easter, are we?[VIDEO]

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The latest Samsung Galaxy S II ad is for the birds – or, um, hens at least. Previous ads already boasted about some of the cool features of Samsung’s new flagship, but this one shows off one of my favorites – the SuperAMOLED Plus display.

So, do the virtual objects on the Galaxy S II screen look exactly like the real thing? The screen already fooled a little girl, but can it fool a chicken? Here’s the answer… Read more »

Samsung Droid Charge gets delayed indefinitely by Verizon

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It was only announced a few days ago with today as a launch date. In a rather strange fashion however, rumor has it that Verizon Wireless decided at the last moment that the Samsung Droid Charge will be delayed for an unspecified period of time.

The reason given for the delay is “unexpected delays.” There is no new date set for the launch of the device. Read more »

Google Docs now available as a standalone app for Android, scans documents with your phone’s camera

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Google has released a dedicated app for their Google Docs service. It used to be a web app, but now it can be installed through the Android Market and has everything a standalone app has, down to the homescreen widget.

Using the online editor of the Google Docs app you’ll be able to open, view and edit documents from your Google account. You’ll also be able to share docs with your contacts straight from the app. Read more »

HTC Droid Incredible 2 for Verizon now available, packs GSM/HSPA connectivity too

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Well, there you have it – the HTC Droid Incredible 2 for Verizon showed up on the Verizon and HTC sites fashionably late (today’s launch was officially announced on Tuesday, but it’s only now that it’s showing up on Verizon’s and HTC’s sites).

The good thing about the Droid Incredible 2 is that you can take it on vacation even in countries without CDMA networks – it has GSM connectivity as fallback… Read more »

Another HTC Sensation 1080p video sample emerges

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There is little doubt that the HTC Sensation is among the phones to have this year. The camera of the device is one of the features where the company has made a significant leap forward – its 8MP main snapper is capable of shooting videos in full HD resolution. And since that is still a rarity in mobile phones, it is no wonder that we are taking so much interest in it.

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Here’s how people use their smartphones, a survey by Google [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Google has conducted a survey on the use of smartphones and how they influence our lives and how we influence businesses with our smartphones daily. The survey was carried out by Ipsos OTX and it features many statistical facts and a short video, explaining the results. Of ocurse, the research was focused on marketing and it aims to explore and promote the smartphone as the next-gen ad platform and a source of new revenue for Google (their business is ads, you know).

The results of the research show that we use our smartphones vigorously throughout our day, at home and at the office, and even in the bathroom. Read more »

Here’s a video of TouchWiz 4.0 running on the original Galaxy S

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If you hate your Galaxy S now that the latest flagship is hitting the markets there may still be a consolidation prize out there for you. The latest version of the home-brewed custom UI – TouchWiz 4 has been successfully ported to the original Galaxy S.

According to the developer it works fine with almost no hiccups or force closes. In case any problems appear, he advises users to restart. Read more »

Nokia showcasing phone NFC capabilities at WIMA 2011

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One of the latest additions to a smartphone’s arsenal seems to be the implementation of NFC (Near Field Communication). NFC is a short-range wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices over about a 10 cm distance. It’s an evolution of RFID and manufactures have been keen to see its use in phones with example like the Google Nexus already sporting an NFC chip.

Nokia C7's at Wima 2011

Demos have already been seen using NFC enabled handsets to make payments or as digital ‘tickets’, but at WIMA 2011 Nokia have brought a slew of new uses to the table (including unlocking secret Angry Birds levels…).

Mark Selby, (VP Sales and Industry Collaboration) fronts the video below showcasing the interesting new ways in which Nokia want to use NFC. Read more »

Casio G’zOne Commando is the rugged Android phone you’ve been dreaming of

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Verizon Wireless has been keeping busy these days. The company announced the sales launch of yet another Android phone today – the tough Casio G’zOne Commando.

As you can notice from the picture, the phone is not your plain vanilla Android device – it is designed to meet military spec MIL-STD-810G toughness standards. Read more »

SugarSync will auto transfer your camera snaps to your computer for free

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SugarSync has now released an app for Android devices to introduce its services to the platform. It will let you sync data between your smartphone or tablet and your computer. And it’s free.

SugarSync is already available (and very successful) on iOS devices. It lets users sync files between their portable device and their computers (yes, more than one) seamlessly and for free. Read more »