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Qualcomm hears our prayers, redesigns the Snapdragon model naming convention, we cheer

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Qualcomm has been among the most successful chip manufacturer as of late, but I don’t think many of you can name more than a couple of their products. The Snapdragon brand name is all fine, but the different chipsets within the family were so confusingly named that you couldn’t tell which one has a high-end dual core CPU and which is designed for the run-of-the-mill handsets.

Luckily, the company has finally decided to do something about it and from now instead of all the MSM, APQ and QSD madness we will be seeing just one number to indicate a chipset class allegiance. Read more »

Nvidia Kal-El tablets coming this fall, phones in early 2012

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We have some bad news to those of you eager to taste some quad-core mobile action. Nvidia has confirmed that it will be delaying its Kal-El platform by a couple of months and tablets with it will only be available in Fall, rather than this month.

And the first smartphones based on the Kal-El will only become available around CES next year. Of course, extending the wait isn’t ideal, but considering that the quad-core Nvidia Kal-El should bring a 5x performance improvement over Tegra 2, we would still be getting better treatment than the Moore’s law would suggest. Read more »

Here’s a live video demo of the BlackBerry Torch 9860

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A sneak peek video of the BlackBerry Torch 9860 has popped up, courtesy of Vodafone UK. It highlights the BlackBerry OS 7-wearing smartphone’s main features and, of course, the fact that Vodafone already has dips on the 9860.

You can see the camera in action and parts of the user interface and the browser but the whole video is not meant to be a thorough walkthrough. Read more »

A BlackBerry Media event is set for tomorrow, August 3rd, we’ll be there

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RIM is throwing a BlackBerry media event tomorrow in London and it’s most probably about the UK launch of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900. We still don’t have the event program confirmed however initial rumors suggest just that.

The launch of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 is one of the most highly anticipated BlackBerry events this year. Hopefully, the wait will be over and the phone will finally launch tomorrow.

Codenamed Dakota, the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 comes from the latest generation of BlackBerry phones – those that combine a full QWERTY keyboard with a VGA touchscreen. The Bold Touch 9900 utilizes a 1.2GHz processor and features the latest BlackBerry OS 7. Read more »

An iPhone mockup pops up in China, is it the real deal?

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It’s that time again, folks – the time for the iPhone 5 rumor of the week. This time we came across some snapshots of a mysterious iPhone with a design unseen so far anywhere. So, naturally, the question is whether this 64GB would-be iPhone is the real deal or not – is this the fabled new design the next generation iPhone will offer?

Well, here are some arguments that just quickly popped to my mind – the volume keys are again a single piece – which is a step backward from the current design logic. The device looks tangibly thicker than the iPhone 4 (which is just 9.3mm) – a definite no-no in today’s tech design trends.

The outer rim of the phone doesn’t look like an antenna or even made out of steel (it just looks plastic – see how the Apple logo doesn’t seem reflective) so I can only assume this thing’s fake.

Oh, and also look at the bezel around the screen – and there’s also considerable slack space above the home button. And finally the sign – “Designed by APOLLO in California” doesn’t scream legitimate either. Read more »

Nokia revises its awkward device naming convention, it was about time

by 72 comments

You thought Nokia’s naming convention sucked? Well, you are not alone. We do, too. The good news is someone at the company is finally coming to their senses. The unexplainable model naming fiasco that caused serious confusion for consumers (and tech journalists, mind you) is finally coming to an end.

Today, Nokia is officially changing its naming convention, and they are making it as simple as it was back in the mid-1990s (or even simpler). The latest Nokia 500 is actually the first product from the new era.

The new naming pattern which Nokia is about to follow is as simple as it gets. Read more »

Fujitsu F-07C reviewed, putting Symbian phone and Windows 7 netbook in the same package not a good idea

by 18 comments

Some things just shouldn’t exist but they do – the Windows 7 running Fujitsu F-07C is one of those things. Note that this is “Windows 7″, not “Windows Phone 7″. And that’s not the weird part either – the phone actually runs Symbian on an 600MHz Atom CPU, along with Windows 7 running inside a virtual machine (rather than a dual-boot solution as originally thought).

Actually, the idea behind the F-07C is a good one – it’s just that it’s too late. Akihabara News have a review of the odd gadget, so go check it out if you’re curious. Here are the highlights of the review. Read more »

HTC Droid Incredible 2 for Verizon could be coming in white, is the Incredible S to follow?

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White is turning into a premium color for luxury sedans and SUVs and smartphones alike – the HTC Droid Incredible 2 for Verizon will reportedly be ditching the black garbs for summer-friendly white, like others have done before it.

The front of the device will still be black, while the back cover (which extends around the sides of the phone) will be white. This new color scheme hasn’t been confirmed officially by Verizon yet, so take this with a pinch of salt. Read more »

First Nokia 500 promo video checks in – take a look

by 22 comments

The Nokia 500 is still hot out of the oven and Nokia has put up a promo video for it. It’s the second Nokia phone using a 1GHz processor and the first one to do it on Symbian^3. The video revolves around the motto “express yourself” hence the upbeat song in the background.

The video shows-off the functionality of the new Symbian smartphone to install a variety of apps through the Ovi store, changeable covers that make the device look flamboyant, the fast 1GHz processor and finally, the fact that this smartphone gives you more. Read more »

Gmail for Android v2.3.5 update lets you pick what labels to sync, assign them custom ringtones

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After yesterdays update for Google Maps for Android, today it’s Gmail’s turn – the updated Android app now boasts better performance, can save bandwidth by syncing only priority email, and gives you fine-grained control over notifications.

You can head to the Market app on your droid and check the My Apps section to force the update or you can use the Android Market website. While the app is updating, here’s an overview of what’s new. Read more »

Here’s the proof that the LG Optimus Black running WP7 is fake

by 497 comments

Do you remember that news about the LG Optimus Black running Windows Phone 7? Well, as many of you guessed it, it’s faker than fake. The phone is not running WP7, but a specially created prank demo app that just looks like it – it’s not even a full featured launcher.

As it turns out, the Optimus Black was running an app, called aPhone 7 3D, which is available on the Android Market for free. Read more »

Stereoscopic hands-on video of the LG Optimus 3D focuses talks about the 3D

by 127 comments

We’ve reviewed the LG Optimus 3D just recently and told you all about its screen, the 3D cameras, and the 3D games. But nothing beats a video review of the Optimus 3D that’s shot in real 3D? Well, the guys at One Mobile Ring recorded a 11 minute video walkthrough of the phone’s more exciting features.

The video is uploaded to YouTube which supports plenty of anaglyph or polarized glasses – but just think, if you had an Optimus 3D you could use the YouTube 3D to watch the video glasses free. Read more »

Mad Russian scientist aims to save lives with telephony [VIDEO]

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Vladislav Oleschenko, a name synonymous with the mobile world. Oh what’s that you never heard of him?

Mobile phone radiation emissions
Well OK, he’s not actually famous, yet, he’s more of an ‘unknown quantity’, a Russian inventor who thinks that his latest creation could take him from mad scientist to technical-telephony genius and with the evidence he brings to the table, it’s pretty compelling stuff. Read more »

Samsung Exhibit 4G paid us a visit, we filmed it [VIDEO]

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Samsung continues with its U.S. offensive, folks. The latest droid to come from the Korean giant – the Exhibit 4G for T-Mobile, offers an interesting blend of high-end, and budget phone features. When we spent a few minutes with it about a month ago, we came out quite impressed. So when an opportunity came for more quality time with the device, we barely hesitated.

The Samsung Exhibit 4G is powered by Read more »

BlackBerry to announce something new tomorrow, piques our interest on Facebook

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Hey Team BlackBerry, what’s shiny, new and social all over? We want to tell you all about it. Can you guess what it might be?

That’s the message that BlackBerry posted on Facebook today. With every other company hopping on to the social networking bandwagon, it seems BlackBerry felt left out, so to make up for that they are coming up with a new offering that is going to be ‘social all over’.

Perhaps they are going to make a phone plastered with buttons of all the social networking services. As it is there are enough number of them out there to cover any phone from top to bottom. Read more »