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Touche technology from Disney could revolutionize touch gestures

A new touch sensing technology by Disney Research in Pittsburgh could drastically alter the way we interact with our environment, our tools, and our technology.

Touche can be used in a wide variety of applications, from expanded touchscreen interfaces on smartphones, to everyday objects such as doorknobs, and even liquids. It can also be used to track hand gestures and transmit the results wirelessly to a device over Bluetooth.

It accomplishes all this by detecting capacitive input across a wide range of frequencies, rather than the one solitary “on-or-off” frequency found in current capacitive touch sensing. And it can even ad touch sensitivity to everyday objects and even the human body. Imagine controlling the music player in your pocket by drawing gestures on your bare palm. How cools is that? Well check it out in the video below (03:15) among the other exciting possible applications.

This is quite exciting technology, and we hope that it sees consumer application soon!

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