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iPhone 4 & 4S case CellHelmet promises to replace your phone if it breaks [VIDEO]

There are an indeterminate number of iPhone cases out there, aiming to either enhance the aesthetics of Apple’s ‘glass sandwich’ or offer protection from the shunts and bumps of daily life with varying levels of armor.

CellHelmet iPhone case

CellHelmet manufacturer, CellPig are so sure that their tough case will protect your iPhone better than any case before it, they’re willing to pay for repairs or even replace the thing, should anything go awry.

The company say CellHelmet is “the most protective case, ever manufactured” for an iPhone and dare customers to drop, throw and even step on their beloved i-devices to stress-test the case.

Should anything go wrong, each CellHelmet case comes with a 1-year long accidental damage warranty (only applicable to those in the US and Canada) which CellPig are using to entice potential customers away from paying monthly iPhone insurance. What’s more, they say they’ll even cover Jailbroken devices, something Apple wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

Whether the case will truly stand up to some serious punishment remains to be seen, (something we’d no doubt like to test out for ourselves) but the company certainly seem pretty confident.

As the video explains, they still need a bit of financial support to get the project fully off the ground, but provided they can accumulate the remaining $3000 in the next 30 days, we could be seeing the CellHelmet tackle challenges so far only attempted by the likes of gadget case-makers G-Form and tough phone world record holders, Sonim.



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