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Nokia posts the complete guide to using Cortana

Voice assistants are now pretty much a staple of any major Smartphone OS.

Apple has its trademark Siri, Google has its Google Now service, and now Windows Phone has Cortana. Nokia has decided to list a complete guide on how to utilize the virtual assistant and post it online.

Nokia has steadily been releasing tips and tricks on how to better use Cortana on their Conversations page. Now, the guide is complete and free for anyone to browse so they can maximize the potential of their powerful new assistant.

The guides are sprinkled with some examples of humorous responses to not-so-traditional questions you would ask of your smartphone. Sure, being able to use voice-assistance to navigate you home, see if tickets to a concert are available, set an alarm (or cancel it) are all par the course for Cortana, but you can also get silly with it.

It’s nice to see Nokia painting Windows Phone in a more fun light. Microsoft’s branding (especially its OS) hasn’t always been depicted as one that is particularly exciting; just as a tool to get work done. However Windows Phone is a sleek OS that has been slowly reversing that trend and it is obviously part of a greater effort of Microsoft to have that feeling of “fun” extend to all of their products. Cortana seems to be a step in that direction.

Hit the source link below if you want to check out the guide.



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