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Apple launches new 16GB iPod touch for $229 sans the rear camera

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Out of the blue, Apple has launched a new variant of their popular iPod touch. This new model starts at $229 but loses a few features to achieve the price drop.

For starters, the iSight camera on the back has been dropped and all you get now is the FaceTime camera on the front. Other omissions include a lack of the mechanical loop on the back for lanyard and no color options other than the default silver. Lastly, the internal capacity is now 16GB. Read more »

Samsung launches the Galaxy Muse player in the US for your Galaxy smartphone [UPDATED]

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Samsung has released the new Galaxy Muse music player in the US. The device acts as a companion music player for your Galaxy S III, Note II, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, and is one of the most confounding devices I have seen in recent times that almost seems like an April Fool’s hoax.

Unlike all the other music players on the market, the Galaxy Muse cannot be connected to your computer to transfer music files to the device, even though it has a decent 4GB on board. In order to transfer music to the Muse, you will have to connect it to your Galaxy S III or Note II. Read more »

Spiceworks infographic shows what gadgets IT Pros want for Christmas

by 14 comments

Spiceworks is a go-to place for ITs to find information, ideas and problem solutions on the web.

The guys over there decided to put together an infographic about what hot tech toys ITs want to get for Christmas this year, based on the opinions of “over 800 IT pros”. Follow on to see it. Read more »

Samsung announces the Galaxy Player 5.8

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If you thought the Galaxy Note was big, wait till you get a load of this. Samsung has just announced the new Galaxy Player 5.8, where 5.8 is not just a random number but actually the size of the display. This should dwarf even the display on the upcoming Galaxy Note II, which is rumored to be around 5.5-inch in size.

Surprisingly, though, for something the size of a small country, the display has a resolution of just 960 x 540, giving it a pixel density of 190 ppi. Samsung has also dropped their favorite Super AMOLED in favor of LCD technology for this panel. Read more »

Samsung releases the dual-core Galaxy Player 70 Plus for the South Korean market

by 18 comments

Following the announcement of the Galaxy WiFi 4.2 at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung is now starting to roll out the a dual-core version of it, dubbed the Galaxy Player 70. And no, it’s not a 7-incher.

For now, the device is only available for Samsung’s domestic market in South Korea, with a wider release highly probable . Read more »

This is how you eliminate headphone cable tangling

by 9 comments

If you’re fed up with tangled headphone cables and such (and really, who isn’t?), a new concept found over at Quirky takes some of the annoyance out of lugging your cables around.

The headphone cable comes with a varying thickness at certain increments, creating several fold points along its length. Read more »

Apple recalls first generation iPod nano due to overheating battery issue

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The first generation iPod nano was immensely popular and set the stage for thin and light music players, none of which, however, came close to matching its popularity. Six years and an identical number of iterations later, Apple is now recalling the device.

The reason being given is a faulty battery, which in certain devices can overheat and pose a safety risk. So far no reports have come in from users regarding this issue but Apple clearly does not want to wait till that happens. Read more »

Microsoft puts an end to Zune hardware, now only available as a software and service for Windows devices

by 11 comments

Microsoft launched the first Zune player back in 2006 as a competitor to Apple’s wildly popular iPod. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the Zune was never the success it may have hoped for and although it managed to amble along for five years, reinventing itself several times along the way, everyone knew it won’t be around for much longer.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that they will no longer be producing the Zune players. From here onward, it will only exist in the form of a software and service for Microsoft’s desktop and mobile offerings. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 and Galaxy Player 5.0 hands-on

by 28 comments

Yesterday we attended at the Samsung event in NYC, which saw the landing of three new Galaxy devices on the US shores. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 wasn’t particularly interesting to us as we have already previewed it, but that was our first encounter with the Galaxy Player 5.0 and Galaxy Player 4.0 Android-running PMPs.

So here we are bringing you a batch of live photos of the two along with some quick impressions of them. Read more »

Samsung announces Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Player 5.0 and 4.0

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Alright, so the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is not really new as it was announced back in March along with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and we have even done a hands-on with it. But up until now the availability of the tablet was unknown. Samsung has finally come clean with it though, as you will now be able to get your hands on the Galaxy Tab 8.9 starting October 2, and it is available for pre-order right now.

It will be available in two models, 16GB and 32GB, with the former priced at $469 and the latter being $569. It’s not a lot cheaper than the bigger 10.1 model, which costs just $30 more in either memory capacity and seems better value in comparison. Read more »