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Opera 10.60 springs to life, ready to blow your mind with speed

Today Opera released the latest version of their desktop web browser. It only took Opera 10.60 a few short weeks to go from beta to final version and now you should be able to experience its speed without annoying bugs and glitches.

Opera 10.60 promises a 50 percent improvement in JavaScript performance compared to Opera 10.5x. Considering that its predecessor was already in contention for the fastest browser available the Opera 10.60 should just blow away the competition. Of course the difference will only be felt when browsing JavaScript-heavy sites like Gmail and Facebook.

Opera 10.60 also offers new features such as Geolocation (optimizing your search results) and HTML5 video support with WebM. Then there are also the HTML5 Appcache, which can store web applications such as word processors or image editors for offline work and HTML5 Web Workers that helps developers do heavy calculations without slowing the web browser.

Check out the Opera 10.60 official promo video to see what it looks like.

If you liked what you saw, follow the link to download Opera 10.60 and give it a spin yourselves.



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