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Corsair announces Bulldog and Lapdog

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Corsair has been making gaming peripherals for a while now, but now the company has decided to enter the gaming PC segment with the announcement of the Bulldog. Bulldog is not your average gaming PC, mostly because it doesn’t have the hardware inside to actually work, and also it’s designed for the living room.

Bulldog is a DIY gaming PC meant for 4K gaming in your living room, either replacing or complementing your existing gaming console. The ‘compact by gaming PC standards but not quite by actual consoles standards’ chassis houses a Hydro Series H5SF liquid CPU cooler, an SF600 600-watt SFX12V-form factor power supply, and an unspecified mini-ITX motherboard utilizing an Intel chipset. What you add beyond that is your choice. Read more »

SanDisk claims its new 128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.0 flash drive is world’s smallest

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At the ongoing Computex trade show in Taipei, storage vendor SanDisk has launched what it is claiming to be the world’s smallest USB 3.0 flash drive. Dubbed Ultra Fit USB 3.0, the device has a capacity of 128GB, which can store up to 16 hours of Full HD video, the company claims.

Without its cap, the drive measures 0.75 inch in length, 0.63 inch in width, and 0.35 inch in height, which the company says makes it smaller than a dime. It provides speeds of up to 130MB/s, allowing users to move content up to 10 times faster than with standard USB 2.0 drives, SanDisk claims. Read more »

Update brings Material Design to BBM for Android

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BlackBerry has decided to spruce up its BBM app for Android. A brand new Beta version of the app will bring Material Design language to the messaging platform.

The new BBM build for Android is available through the BlackBerry Beta Zone for registered members only – it aims to deliver better looking colors and neater user interface. Read more »

Microsoft to acquire the 6Wunderkinder’s To-Do List app: Wunderlist

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Microsoft acquired 6Wunderkinder, the startup behind the to-do app – Wunderlist. The Redmond giant’s shopping spree is a bid to bolster its mobile platform with popular applications.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is ready to pay between $100 to $200 million for the German startup. Wunderlist is an app that allows users to make daily schedules and sync tasks between several devices. Read more »

Asus also unveils ProArt 32-inch 4K monitor with full Adobe color gamut

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Asus had the busiest day of the year today. Selfie phones, ZenPads, ZenWatches, and Transformer Books aside, the Taiwanese company also found time to make a new ProArt monitor official. It’s the ProArt PA329Q, which is in fact the successor to the PA328Q from last year.

If at this point you’re wondering why you should care, well, know that we’re talking about a monitor that delivers 100% of the Adobe color gamut. That’s incredibly important if color accuracy is required for your job description. Read more »

Oppo is now an official partner of FC Barcelona for three years

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Tie-ups between smartphone makers and football teams are nothing new, as you may know. But this is the first we’ve seen Oppo go this route. The Chinese company has inked a partnership agreement with FC Barcelona, one of the biggest football clubs on the planet.

The deal has been signed for three years. During this time, the Oppo brand will be visible at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, and you should probably expect to see some cooperation in the field of TV ads too. Read more »

Sony updates the Xperia Android Keyboard with new features, better responsiveness

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Sony’s custom Android keyboard is now up to version 6.6.A.0.30. The update brings about quite a few improvements and features. For one, the app should now be a lot more-responsive and fluid.

The Xperia keyboard now has a more-versatile theming engine too. Keyboard layouts can be selected per language for extra convenience. Also, word suggestion can now work for one language at a time, if you turn off Smart language detection first. Read more »

The YotaPhone revealed to come with a handy backdoor for the FSB [Updated with official statement]

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Most of you surely remember the YotaPhone – that quirky Russian handset, equipped with a second e-ink display. Well, as it turns out, the dual-screen setup might not be the most interesting thing in the smartphone after all.

Some new official information reveals that the Russian smartphone, produced by the government-sponsored Rostech corporation, comes with a backdoor, which allows tapping into the device for surveillance purposes. This was revealed by Sergey Chemezov, head of Rostech and former KGB agent. Read more »

Nintendo NX game console to run Android-based OS

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Nintendo is working on its next generation game console dubbed NX but will remain mum on any details until we are closer to its launch in 2016. And while the hardware details are unknown, new reports claim that the NX gaming console will run an Android-based operating system.

So far, Nintendo has only hinted that the NX will be supplemental to the existing Wii U and the 3DS game consoles. That doesn’t mean that Nintendo has given up racing against the existing PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Read more »

YotaPhone 2 price in Russia gets a significant cut

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YotaPhone 2 is among the most interesting and innovative smartphones on the market today. It offers a dual-display configuration with a front 5″ 1080p AMOLED screen and a rear 4.7″ e-paper always-on panel. There is also a Snapdragon 801 chip to power everything, 32GB storage and very good 8MP rear snapper as we’ve concluded in our review.

The YotaPhone 2 costs as much as any other competitive flagship, though its launch price ins Russia went even higher due to the unstable currency. Well, this is changing today as Yota Devices cut the price of the YotaPhone 2 with 17%. Read more »

Amazon Stream offers an endless list of products to discover

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Amazon has just launched a new discovery-style shopping experience. Stream is quite reminiscent of a Pinterest board, featuring an endless list of Amazon products. They can be filtered according to sex, which doesn’t sound very concrete and it really isn’t. But, seeing how the idea behind the service is to give eager users the ability to browse through new products, it is perfectly adequate.

The offers that make it into the service, however, aren’t picked at random – instead they are all sponsored. This is an important note to make and means that things you pick out within the interface might not always be competitively priced. Still, if you really like something, you can always dig around in the conventional search interface to see if you can get a better deal. And if you are an Amazon seller, you might want to consider promoting some items in the new service. Read more »

Asus’ new Transformer Book T100HA comes with Windows 10 pre-installed, promises 14 hours of battery life

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At the ongoing Computex trade show in Taipei, Asus has unveiled the successor to its Transformer Book T100TA 2-in-1 tablet. Dubbed Transformer Book T100HA, the device will come preloaded with Windows 10, which will be released on July 29.

The 10.1-inch two-in-one device is powered by quad-core Intel Atom Cherry Trail X5 processors, and comes with 4GB RAM. It has 8.45mm-thick chassis that weights 580g, and features a reversible USB Type-C port. The Taiwanese company is claiming 14 hours of battery life for the device. Read more »

Windows 10 kicks off on July 29

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Microsoft announced today the official availability of the upcoming Windows 10 – July 29. That’s less than two months from now, which means Microsoft has nothing left to do but polish a few edges.

Windows 10 will introduce universal apps, Cortana, Microsoft Edge browser to replace the Internet Explorer, new Office 2016 included in Windows 10 for free, Xbox Live app and integration, new multimedia apps, among others. Read more »

Google Calendar’s SMS notifications won’t be available starting June 27

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Google has announced that it is dropping support for Calendar’s text message (SMS) alerts. The service will not be available starting June 27.

“SMS notifications launched before smartphones were available. Now, in a world with smartphones and notifications, you can get richer, more reliable experiences on your mobile device, even offline,” the Mountain View, California-based company said. Read more »

Google ATAP’s Project Soli to bring interactive gesture control

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At Google I/O 2015, the software giant introduced its Advanced Technology and Projects team working on a handful of next generation technologies. Google has just released a video explaining one of them – Project Soli.

Google’s ATAP team is experimenting with an interaction sensor for tracking gestures using the radar technology. With a tiny sensor incorporated in any gadget or wearable, you get to interact with the controls using different hand gestures. Those gestures are basically recorded by the new interaction sensor by estimating the speed of movement, direction, or range. Read more »