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Google ATAP’s Project Soli to bring interactive gesture control

At Google I/O 2015, the software giant introduced its Advanced Technology and Projects team working on a handful of next generation technologies. Google has just released a video explaining one of them – Project Soli.

Google’s ATAP team is experimenting with an interaction sensor for tracking gestures using the radar technology. With a tiny sensor incorporated in any gadget or wearable, you get to interact with the controls using different hand gestures. Those gestures are basically recorded by the new interaction sensor by estimating the speed of movement, direction, or range.

Check out this ATAP team video talking about Project Soli.

Imagine the state of those buttons on your phone or smartwatch that have to be pressed thousands of times in order to achieve a desired task. Instead, the same function can be used but with finger gestures.

With the Project Soli, you can certainly become the Tony Stark from the Avengers movie however, instead of working with large displays, you get to control the wearables and the gadgets that you use daily.

The interaction sensor is still in development stage and is at least a couple of years away from being available commercially.


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