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Facebook’s Moments is a new mobile app that lets you sync photos from events with your friends

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Facebook has released a new mobile app today. It’s called Moments and it’s already available for iOS and Android, at least in the US. The idea behind it is simple. At many events such as weddings, but also smaller gatherings like nights out, many people take photos – but you don’t have an easy way to share these with the people who participated.

Moments privately syncs photos you and your friends have taken in the same place at the same time. It doesn’t make any of the images public on Facebook, but it does give you a way to easily give specific friends your photos from an event, while at the same time receiving theirs. So after using Moments you’ll all have all the captures you snapped together. Read more »

Xbox 360 games are coming to the Xbox One

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For fans of old Xbox 360 games, here’s a bit of very good news: Microsoft is finally making it possible to play Xbox 360 titles on the Xbox One. This was demonstrated onstage at E3 with Mass Effect. The setup seems to be similar to the way you played original Xbox games on the 360.

You put the disc in (or download the game), and your Xbox One will play it. You will also get One-specific features too, like taking screenshots, game streaming, and game DVR. Read more »

Xbox Game Preview for Xbox One lets you try before you buy, prior to games officially launching

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At E3, Microsoft has announced that Xbox Game Preview will become available later today. This is a scheme through which you’ll be able to try games before you buy them, but also before they’re released.

So it’s part beta testing, part free trial. The community could get involved into the development process in this way, but there’s also the neat fact of playing new games for free for a while until you decide whether they’re worth purchasing. It’s similar to Steam’s Early Access program. Read more »

Microsoft announces Xbox One Elite Controller with hot-swappable parts and remappable buttons

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At its E3 press event, Microsoft has officially unveiled the Xbox One Elite Controller, which will become available sometime this fall. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet. It’s wireless (as you’d expect), and it has a textured rolling pad that replaces the traditional D-pad.

The new controller takes the regular Xbox One gamepad and adds all the features you could possibly think of. Among other things, it has hair trigger locks, paddles for precision driving, buttons that can be remapped, as well as hot-swappable components which let you personally alter its configuration. Read more »

Google’s self-driving car is a perfect harmony of advanced Google technology and innovations

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Google has been trying to tackle the challenge of a driverless car for quite some time now. Now, the latest prototypes seem to be closer than ever and with tests already on their way to real-world environments outside Google campus, we should start getting used to the notion of a self-piloting car. Of course, there is still a long road ahead, not only in technological challenges, but also legal issues and public acceptance.

Still, from what we have already seen demoed, Google’s little smart car is driving like a champ and is well on the road to being truly independent. The amount of technology and innovation that makes an act that we perceive as relatively simple, fully automated is staggering, but, as in turns out, not as new and outlandish as some would think. A newly compiled infographic helps shed some light on everything going on under (and over) the hood. Read more »

Xiaomi working on its own chip for the Redmi 2 successor

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Xiaomi is apparently working on developing its own independent SoC solution to power the next iteration in its Redmi line of smartphones. The company is looking to join a group of select few manufacturers, who have engineered in-house chipsets and aim to put an end to the Qualcomm/Mediatek dependance.

The info comes from Mr. Kevin Wang, a senior executive at industry analyst IHS Technology‘s Chinese branch. Read more »

Multi-player combat game BATTLECRY gets worldwide open beta

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Bethesda’s Austin-based studio Battlecry has formally announced the worldwide open beta of its upcoming multi-player third-person action combat game – BATTLECRY. This fast-paced multiplayer game offers three factions, 15 warriors, and five classes to choose from.

At the E3 2015, the new Han Republic clan was announced to join the Cossack Empire, and the Imperial Marines. The five warrior classes are fully customizable to be selected and engage in the 12 v 12 and 6 v 6 player battles. These battles can take place in variety of gaming modes and maps. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S6 active survives 12-foot drop test unscathed

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active has been available for only a few days now on AT&T’s network, and keen vloggers were quick to test on camera its claim to fame. The rugged smartphone was dropped from various heights, in an decidedly unscientific manner, but sustained no visible damage nonetheless.

The test included such day-to-day accidents like dropping your phone upon taking it out of your pocket and also from head’s height when talking. The phone then meets a hard floor surface with various parts of its body, and emerges unharmed. Read more »

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 set to release on November 10

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Bethesda Softworks announced the release date for most ambitious post-apocalyptic game project Fallout 4 at the E3 2015 event. This role-playing game is the fourth installment in the Fallout series and will come with several new cool additions.

The game developer’s official Twitter account shared the Vault 111 animation gif showing off the 11-10-15 combination as the release date of Fallout 4. The RPG game takes the smartwatch style wearable device called Pip-Boy to a new level by providing access to the inventory system. The Fallout 4 Collector’s Edition will also pack a Pip-Boy but only select units will be sold. Read more »

Xiaomi Mi Note Bamboo Edition gets a price cut

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Xiaomi Mi Note went official in January and hit the shelves soon after. Three months later Xiaomi introduced a Natural Bamboo Edition with a rear panel made out of bamboo.

The regular edition of the Mi Note is priced at CNY 1,999 (€290), while the Bamboo Edition was more expensive at CNY 2,299 (€330). Well, this is no more – Xiaomi decided to lower the price of the Natural Bamboo Edition now. Read more »

Bethesda shows off Dishonored 2 with new lead slashing steampunk robots

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Bethesda Softworks has officially announced the sequel of its popular stealth action-adventure game Dishonored at the E3 2015. With two playable characters, the new Dishonored 2 is developed by the same game makers who worked on the first part – Arkane Studios.

Dishonored 2 trailer shows a new protagonist set in a new city, seeking something and uses strange smoke-driven grappling power in order to teleport or jump between buildings quickly. Read more »

Toshiba says its Windows 10 laptops will have a dedicated Cortana key

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Japanese manufacturer Toshiba has revealed that its future laptops running Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 operating system will feature a dedicated Cortana key.

The revelation was made by Jeff Barney, who is the general manager and vice president in charge of the company’s America’s PC business. He said that the key – which will be placed in the upper left area, close to the function keys – will be available on all of the company’s Windows 10 PCs, “across the board, top to bottom.” Read more »

Check out the new Doom in action

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Bethesda and id Software finally took the wraps off their upcoming Doom game at their pre-E3 conference. Launching in 2016 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the new Doom is the fourth game in the series and releasing after eleven years since Doom 3.

The E3 videos show off a lot of gameplay footage, including singleplayer and multiplayer, as well as the official launch trailer for the game. The game stays true to the Doom roots and will please a lot of the fans of the series while bringing in some new gameplay elements, especially a lot of cool finishing moves in melee combat. Read more »

Xiaomi has reportedly shipped over 6 million Mi Band units worldwide

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Less than a couple of months after Xiaomi CEO revealed that the company had sold over 4 million units of the Mi Band, it is being said that worldwide shipments of the company’s only wearable tech product have crossed the 6 million mark.

According to a report from XiaomiToday, the Chinese company – which according to a recent IDC report was the second-largest wearable vendor in Q1, 2015 – is now planning to launch the next iteration of the smartband. Read more »

Alibaba says will launch Netflix-like online video streaming service in China

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Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has announced that it will soon launch a Netflix-like online video streaming service in the country. Dubbed TBO or Tmall Box Office, the service is expected to launched in about a couple of months.

The announcement was made by the company’s head of digital entertainment Patrick Liu, who also revealed that the service will not only bring shows from China and other countries, but will also feature original content from in-house studios. Read more »