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Over 170,000 new Insiders signed up after Windows 10 event

As most of you surely know Microsoft organized an event on January 21 to showcase the progress and innovations in Windows 10 and beyond. The conference was quite interesting and gave answers to a lot of pressing questions, especially regarding the new OS on mobile device and the new unified application ecosystem. After a few encouragements from the speakers apparently a lot more people got excited about the new insider program and Microsoft was happy to announce that over 170 000 new registrations were received for the program in the two days after the event.

Windows 10 is truly a major upgrade over previous versions and Microsoft made that abundantly clear not only through the wide array of exciting new announcements and the emerging One Windows ideology, but also through the new open development process with in-depth user-engagement along the way. A big part of that is Microsoft’s new “Insider program”.

The initiative allows interested users to actively beta-test early Windows builds and report back on bugs, functionality and features they would like to see. While this may have become sort of a norm in a large segment of video game development and various open source or community-based projects for Microsoft it is a total departure from the closed-up development approach they have been employing ever since the early days of PCs.

The insider program is a great tool that helps both developers and users get the most out of a future product. It requires a monumental amount of effort on Microsoft’s part with whole teams of hundreds of people handling complex Data-mining tasks and end-user interfacing to keep the whole thing running smoothly, but the benefits could potentially be huge of Windows 10.

At the event we saw this feedback process in action for the first time and quite a few of the showcased features were noticeably influenced by user opinions and feedback, since they were first showcased. That being said we are very excited to see what Microsoft’s new and modern approach will bring when the new Windows 10 hits consumer markets. And if you missed anything from the event, you can find everything in our recap of the announcements.

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