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17% of Apple Watch buyers get at least one more band, Apple rakes in the cash

Gillette taught us that that what appears to be the main product and what makes the big bucks aren’t always the same thing. Slice Intelligence has analyzed millions of emails and has concluded that 17% of Apple Watch buyers also sprang for at least one extra band.

It may seem like a simple thing, but a basic sports band retails for $49, but may cost as little as $2.05 according to IHS (that’s without packaging, shipping and other costs).

And that’s the cheapest 38mm band, the highly popular Milanese loop and Leather loop go for $149, while the Stainless steel link bracelet is a whopping $449, more than the base Watch model.

Slice data shows that half of Apple Watch buyers got one with the Black sports band, about a fifth go for the white version. However, the Black sports band is also the most popular choice for a second band, while the Milanese loop and White sports band are almost tied for second.

Extra bands can be swapped out easily to match your outfit or activity (leather or metal business, rubber for exercise) and can be bought after the initial purchase. Since the hardware of the $350 Watch and $10,000 Watch is essentially the same, spending more on bands makes some sense.

The bands allow Apple to double-tip into consumers’ wallets, but it may face some competition if third-party bands become popular.



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