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Fickr announces official Android app and new Flickr Photo Session for iOS

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Flickr has unveiled two new mobile applications to join its Arsenal. The image and video hosting service has officially landed on Android and the company has introduced a new Flickr Photo Session feature to celebrate that.

The Android Flickr client is pretty standard affair – it lets you take photos, edit them, and quickly upload them to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter or wherever else you see fit. It also improves the browsing and navigation, making it easier for you to keep an eye of your (and others’) photo libraries. Read more »

Windows Phone Marketplace goes online, minimalist UI and more

by 22 comments

Every major smartphone OS has its own go-to place for apps and the biggest among them – Android and iOS have enjoyed online appstores for a long time. Finally, Windows Phone has joined the ranks of those with online access with its own WP Web Marketplace.

The web Marketplace is now up and running and offers purchasable and free apps at the same time. Users can buy apps with the credit cards they’ve listed in their Windows Live IDs after which the Marketplace will send SMS or email to the device itself with download links. Read more »

Carbyn: The HTML 5.0-based multi-platform OS that runs in your browser [VIDEO]

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Carbyn is the product of a Canadian startup company going by the same name, which debuted its new HTML 5.0-based OS at Tech Crunch’s Disrupt event this year.

Carbyn logo

The platform is designed to run on any modern browser, assuming it has HTML 5.0 support so that’s pretty much everything bar some of the older builds of IE. It works by simply logging onto the Carbyn website and everything’s there, ready and up to date. Read more »

Google+ enters beta with a bunch of new features, lets you sign up without invitation

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Google+ has been around for about 3 months now but in field trial mode, which meant that you needed an invitation to join. But now it’s entered its beta stages and everyone can sing up for the social network project just by going to the web page of the service with no invitations required.

Google+ is still in toddler times and Google shares that there’s still a long way to go and much to accomplish, but the search giant hasn’t been wasting its time – there are now over 100 improvements and features. Read more »

Amazon Appstore drops US-only status, spreads to Europe, Australia and India

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One of the biggest competitors to Google’s Android Market is the controversially named Amazon Appstore. One of the main reasons for its popularity has been the free app that Amazon gives away everyday to users.

Unfortunately, so far the service has been limited to residents of the US. But not anymore, because it seems now the Appstore is expanding its reach to a wider customer base. Read more »

Facebook introduces subscriptions, improved friend lists

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Taking a leaf out of Google+’s book, Facebook has added a couple of new and useful features. First is subscriptions. Earlier, you had to be friends with someone to read their posts on Facebook unlike on Google+ or Twitter where anyone can read anyone’s post.

With subscriptions, you can now go to someone’s Facebook profile and subscribe to their posts, so that they start appearing on your timeline without the need for the two of you to be friends. You can choose how many and what kind of posts appear on your. For example, you can disable Farmville posts from the said person if that irks you. Read more »