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Fickr announces official Android app and new Flickr Photo Session for iOS

Flickr has unveiled two new mobile applications to join its Arsenal. The image and video hosting service has officially landed on Android and the company has introduced a new Flickr Photo Session feature to celebrate that.

The Android Flickr client is pretty standard affair – it lets you take photos, edit them, and quickly upload them to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter or wherever else you see fit. It also improves the browsing and navigation, making it easier for you to keep an eye of your (and others’) photo libraries.

As for the Flickr Photo Session feature that is available on iOS or through your computer’s web browser – it’s a tool for synchronized photo browsing. This means that you can invite a few friends and start looking at photos together and when one flips to the next one, the image changes for everyone.

While you’re all browsing, you can also chat and draw on your photos using the built-in tools. The Photo Session is available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox for desktop computers and as a separate app for the iPhone and iPad. Check it out in action in the video below.



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