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Here are the official Nexus 7 accessories

by 7 comments

I am sure there are lots of people interested into pairing their new Nexus 7 slate with some original accessories. So here are all the official ASUS extras for the first Google tablet.

There are plenty of stuff to go with the slate – a rotating stand case, a Bluetooth keyboard case, a folio case with wallet, a basic leather stand, a screen protector, a Nexus dock and a flip case. Read more »

Beats and HTC part ways, but mobile exclusivity will continue

by 27 comments

Today HTC and Beats have taken another step apart in their partnership, as Beats have purchased back some of the shares they sold to HTC last year.

Beats execs once again have a controlling interest in their own company, as HTC have agreed to sell them back half of the shares purchased in last years acquisition. Beats now have 75% of the shares, while the remaining roughly 25% still belong to HTC. Read more »

Samsung introduces the TecTiles programmable tags for its NFC enabled Android lineup

by 35 comments

This should hardly catch anyone by surprise – after all quite a few Android devices from Samsung sport NFC connectivity. The TecTiles programmable tags however, take the practicality of the aforementioned function to a whole new level.

As you have probably guessed by now, the Samsung TecTiles are programmable tags, which set off a predefined function or setting of your Samsung smartphone. Read more »

Apple releases new iPad Smart Case for the iPad 2 and the new iPad

by 10 comments

You may have already seen the Smart Cover for the iPad 2 and the new iPad. While extremely intelligent, it’s biggest flaw was that it only covered the display on the front while leaving the back open for scratches.

Apple has now announced the new iPad Smart Case that not just covers the display but also the back. It behaves similar to the Smart Cover, where the top folds back and forms a stand to place the iPad in various positions. It also has the magnets that make the iPad automatically go to sleep when you place the cover over the display. But the new part is a complete coating for the back that ensures full protection for your iPad 2 or the new iPad. Read more »

AIAIAI announces the TMA-1 Studio headphones

by 15 comments

After launching the extremely stylish and critically acclaimed TMA-1 last year, AIAIAI is back with a studio version. The TMA-1 Studio carry over the same minimalist and attractive design of the TMA-1 but with a few changes.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the TMA-1 Studio have much larger ear cups. Whereas the TMA-1 sat on top of your ears, the TMA-1 Studio surrounds them with larger circumaural earcups. The earcups come with PU cushions as standard but you can also choose to opt for a set of separately sold leather cushions that not just look and feel different but also produce a different sound signature. Read more »

Sony announces Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition for the PS3, PSVita and mobile devices

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Last year, Sony launched the Wireless Stereo Headset for the PlayStation 3, which is an amazing product for the price and something I can personally vouch for having owned it for the past several months. Now, Sony has launched the new Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition, which not only works with the PS3 but also with the PSVita and other mobile devices.

The main feature of this headset is the BassImpact technology. It turns bass sounds into pulses that sync with the sound. Basically, you will feel the headset vibrating along with bass in the audio, which Sony believes creates a greater sense of immersion. Read more »

Google adds accessories for the Galaxy Nexus on the Play Store

by 12 comments

Recently, Google started selling the unlocked GSM variant of the Galaxy Nexus on the Play Store. Now, they have added some accessories to go along with it.

For now you only have three types of docks available. Read more »