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AIAIAI announces the TMA-1 Studio headphones

After launching the extremely stylish and critically acclaimed TMA-1 last year, AIAIAI is back with a studio version. The TMA-1 Studio carry over the same minimalist and attractive design of the TMA-1 but with a few changes.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the TMA-1 Studio have much larger ear cups. Whereas the TMA-1 sat on top of your ears, the TMA-1 Studio surrounds them with larger circumaural earcups. The earcups come with PU cushions as standard but you can also choose to opt for a set of separately sold leather cushions that not just look and feel different but also produce a different sound signature.

The TMA-1 Studio uses large 40mm drivers that are tuned for a more natural, reference quality sound that is prerequisite of studio headphones. AIAIAI is targeting these headphones for musicians who would like a great pair of headphones to provide studio quality sound while they are on the move.

The AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio are priced at €229/US$249 and will start shipping on June 20.



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