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Nokia Lumia 710 eligible for free Xpress-on covers from Nokia

by 10 comments

Nokia is offering a free Xpress-on color cover for Nokia Lumia for customers who purchased a Lumia 710 between 1/11/12 and 3/31/12.

You’ll notice that the end date for this offer hasn’t arrived yet, so if you purchase a phone before the end of the month, you too can get a free cover. Read more »

Playing with and on the Sony PlayStation Vita

by 11 comments

We snatched some quality time with the recently released 5″ PlayStation Vita here at the MWC and boy, do we have lots of pictures to show you.

The Vita’s multi-touch display is an OLED unit, has a 960 x 544 resolution and there’s a capacitive multi-touch pad on the back. Read more »

Corning Gorilla Glass 2 officially shipping in devices this April-May

by 20 comments

According to Corning, its second generation of ultra tough screen glass, dubbed simply Gorilla Glass 2, will start to appear on devices in April or May the latest.

The first shipments have been sent out to the company’s partners, they added. We saw the Gorilla Glass 2 in action back at CES 2011 and we are looking forward to seeing it on actual retail devices. Read more »

Apple could replace 30 pin dock connector with something more space-efficient

by 26 comments

Apple’s next devices could showcase an alternate USB connector.

The popular 30 pin connector will reportedly be replaced with something that will take up less of the space, needed for things like LTE radio, bigger battery, etc. Read more »

Watch a pair of TI OMAP 5′s A15 cores thrash the Tegra 3 in a lenghty browser test

by 23 comments

Both NVidia and Samsung have been hyping their quad-core system-on-a-chip monsters but the smug on their face is about to get wiped. NVidia’s, at least.

That’s because Texas Instruments, not to be left out of the whole quad-core SoC mash-up, has released a video showcasing its OMAP 5 brute power. More specifically, it’s the OMAP 5430 with two A15 cores helped by two companion M4 cores alongisde a SGX544 MP2 graphics chip. It takes on the ASUS Transformer Prime with its 1.3GHz quad-core Cortex A9 (Tegra 3, or 4-PLUS-1) beating in its shell. Read more »

Gevey Ultra S will unlock your iPhone 4S for $55 this March

by 7 comments

All those people that secretly (or not) want to release their subsidized iPhone 4S’s from their respectful carrier’s clutches are in luck.

The popular Gevery SIM solution now covers the GSM 4S variant and can be pre-ordered for the discounted price of $55. Read more »

Nvidia Tegra 3 architecture gets a new name: 4-PLUS-1

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Unlike most other quad-core architectures out there, Nvidia’s Tegra 3 also features a fifth companion core. The job of this core is to handle all the usual menial tasks while the four performance cores rest, to be called upon only when there is a need for significant graphical muscle power, such as in 3D games. This results in amazing battery life because the companion core consumes very little power compared to the four performance cores.

This kind of architecture is called as variable symmetric architecture (or vSMP). But as you can image that’s not something that would look at home on a box or a store sign, which is why Nvidia kept calling it things like having a companion core or ninja core. But now they have finally come up with a proper name for it and they have trademarked it too. And that name is 4-PLUS-1. Read more »