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Android 2.1 may come on 10 December, 2.1 ROM already available for HTC Hero

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A few days ago Google updated their official Android website and the speculations have gone wild. The most viable rumor claims the reason of the site update is the upcoming release of Android OS 2.1.

But no mater they announce it this month or not, the XDA Devs already have a working firmware ROM for HTC Hero owners. That’s right – Android 2.1 running on HTC Hero. Now that’s something.

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Thunderbird 3 RC1 out now, tabbed browsing onboard

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A few days ago Mozilla released the Thunderbird 3 RC1 for public use. There are numerous additions and improvements to the functionality and the user interface to this popular desktop email client, OS search integration is also included. The first and most important change to the Thunderbird UI however is the tabbed email browsing.

Thunderbird RC1 ready for download

Tabbed email browsing comes naturally as the most popular web browser have been using it for quite a while. And we really liked how it’s integrated in Thunderbird 3.

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Will you run Android 2.0 on your droidish device?

by 431 comments

Well, if you own a G1, a Dream or a Hero, then most probably you’re in for a nice treat! Not only can you get the Android 2.0 goodness on your smartphone, but also as recently became clear, you can even get Google Maps Navigation even outside USA. On the other hand, if you own a Motorola Droid, please just find another place to enjoy your smug grin, will you?

So where were we? Ah, the Android 2.0. It turns out that after Google let their 2.0 cat out of the bag (meaning they released the complete source code), there’s no stopping the hard working devs into porting it to *unofficially* to older devices.

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Nokia E72 lands in our office, we do unboxing

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Look what we have here, folks. The long awaited Nokia E72 landed in our office a few hours ago. It looks quite stylish and it walks and talks business. This is what the Nokia E71 should have been in the first place – perhaps the numerous E71 users will find some reason to upgrade.

Nokia E72Nokia E72Nokia E72Nokia E72
Nokia E72

We’ve prepared a quick unboxing video for you just as a teaser of our upcoming review. The video itself is just after the break.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 won’t be getting an official Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade

by 7 comments

It’s now official, folks. A few days ago a spokesman of Sony Ericsson confirmed the XPERIA X1 will not receive any official upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5.

Well it was expected, as the X1 wasn’t included into the WinMo 6.5 upgrade list long before the release of the OS update. Still hope dies last.
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LG KU6300 is the Korean BL40 New Chocolate, awarded with camera upgrade

by 26 comments

The LG BL40 New Chocolate is the latest fashionable GSM handset by LG. You may be interested to know that it’s got a beefier, meaner twin made exclusively for Korea. It comes in three falvors depending on the internal storage – LG LG KU6300, LU6300 and SU630.

The main difference between the worldwide BL40 and those siblings here is the 8 megapixel camera onboard. All characteristic traits of the New Chocolate are present in the trio – the unique design, the 4-inch capacitive 21:9 display, the 3D S-Class UI, DivX support plus Dolby Mobile and microSD slot. It’s still unclear whether the Korean New Chocolate will sport Wi-Fi and GPS or will trade them for the T-DMB tuner as usually happens.

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Office 2010 beta out now with new features on board, Windows 8 scheduled for 2012

by 5 comments

Four days ago Microsoft released the first public beta of their next Office 2010. It brings some new features for all apps in the package, along withal slightly upgraded UI but still keeping the Office 2007 feel.

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Sony Ericsson Satio getting pulled out from UK stores?

by 222 comments

Some of our readers have been recently noticing a worrying lack of Sony Ericsson Satio units throughout some major UK retailers. It became even more obvious when Carphone Warehouse removed all Satio offerings.

Today an anonymous tipster sent us an internal memo, which states that Carphone Warehouse are withdrawing the Satio due to some undisclosed software issues. You can see the memo text for yourselves.

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What IF your browser was your operating system – meet Chrome OS

by 457 comments

Yesterday Google officially presented their Chrome OS to the world. Well, sort of. They’re still an year ago from release. But we got the heads up on what it’s all about. It will be online based and with rapid boot times and it will be optimized for specific hardware rather than run on all walks of rigs.

What hardware-optimized means is that Google Chrome OS will be tailr-made for specific hardware configurations and you won’t be able to just download and install it on any computer. Only that way Chrome OS will be able to offer the promised unmatched boot times as it skips any hardware checks other OSes do at boot. The netbooks and similar kind of internet devices are the primary target of the new OS as it’s heavily online-based.

Chrome OS won’t work with any native apps, instead it will operate with web apps. Got you interested, read on for more.

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AMD unleashed the HD5970 beast – the world’s fastest video card

by 919 comments

AMD seems to be on the right track with their HD5xxx series, since their cards become just faster and faster and there’s no stopping them. A few days ago, their latest crop – the Radeon HD5970 – made its way to the retail stores and awaits you there with a pricetag of $600.

The HD5970 has two separate Cypress cores with 1GB GDDR5 memory each. The engine clock goes up to 725 MHz (the HD5870 one is 850 MHz), while memory runs at 1000 MHz. And it has full hardware support for DirectX 11.

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Want a Mac tablet? You can convert your MacBook or buy a brand new Modbook

by 8 comments

There are quite a lot of rumors floating around about an upcoming MacBook tablet. Well, in case you don’t feel like waiting, it seems there’s an option out there already. It’s called tablet conversion and what it means is that the internals of your current Mac are taken and then transformed into a touch-only device. You’d bet that’s not some garden-shack DIY project you might undertake yourself. And no, Apple have not started converting to tablets.

Read more to see what this conversion is all about. This WILL void your warranty.

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NASA gives us a breathtaking shot of Atlantis right before its launch in space

by 3 comments

Continuing my NASA theme, here’s a really cool shot of the space shuttle Atlantis, taken few hours before its launch today. The picture is made by dawn, while the launch will be at 2:26 pm EST. Full res download link after the break.


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Where is NASA heading after they’ve found water on the Moon?

by 192 comments

I admit the discovery of the water on Mars thrilled me much more than those ice craters found on the Moon. Yet, it’s another significant discovery in the mankind history and may result in some groundbreaking answers about the very fabric of our galaxy. Or at least provide the opportunity to create the first permanent cosmic base up there.

After numerous recent evidences from different lunar mission, a few days ago NASA has officially confirmed in a press conference that they’ve found “a significant amount” of water in some of the Moon’s craters. As you may have guessed, it’s frozen, but NASA promises it is water like any other and will be suitable to drink after some filtration.

The Moon

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Acer Liquid gets its first hands-on

by 492 comments

I’ve just spotted some of the first Acer Liquid live shots ever made. It’s a pre-release device we’re talking here, but it has obviously been enough to give the reviewers some positive impressions.

Acer Liquid is the first Android smartphone riding a Snapdragon CPU though downclocked to 768 Mhz in this particular case. I’ve seen many discussions on the matter, but Acer representatives confirmed that personally to us, but unfortunately didn’t share the reasoning behind that decision. I suppose it could be some overheating issue or just saving the battery life, but we may never learn.


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