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LG KU6300 is the Korean BL40 New Chocolate, awarded with camera upgrade

The LG BL40 New Chocolate is the latest fashionable GSM handset by LG. You may be interested to know that it’s got a beefier, meaner twin made exclusively for Korea. It comes in three falvors depending on the internal storage – LG LG KU6300, LU6300 and SU630.

The main difference between the worldwide BL40 and those siblings here is the 8 megapixel camera onboard. All characteristic traits of the New Chocolate are present in the trio – the unique design, the 4-inch capacitive 21:9 display, the 3D S-Class UI, DivX support plus Dolby Mobile and microSD slot. It’s still unclear whether the Korean New Chocolate will sport Wi-Fi and GPS or will trade them for the T-DMB tuner as usually happens.

I am not sure why Koreans are the only one to get the upgraded version of the BL40 – it doesn’t really seem fair. If you’ve read our BL40 review, you’ll know we’re not really happy with its camera.

But the South Korean New Chocolates come with a spanking new 8 megapixel sensor. There is no word on the video recording or any other specs, but if a better video quality applies I suggest a public protest! No really!


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