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Acer Liquid gets its first hands-on

I’ve just spotted some of the first Acer Liquid live shots ever made. It’s a pre-release device we’re talking here, but it has obviously been enough to give the reviewers some positive impressions.

Acer Liquid is the first Android smartphone riding a Snapdragon CPU though downclocked to 768 Mhz in this particular case. I’ve seen many discussions on the matter, but Acer representatives confirmed that personally to us, but unfortunately didn’t share the reasoning behind that decision. I suppose it could be some overheating issue or just saving the battery life, but we may never learn.


It seems the Acer Liquid runs Android 1.6 (Donut) hassle-free and it should be able to do that with the upcoming 2.0 version. Unfortunately it’s not sure if the Liquid will get that upgrade, at least officially.

As far as the UI is concerned Acer did some work on it and put their own menus and features here and there. Well, I am not sure what and how much actually they’ve changed, but judging on my experience with the WinMo 6.5 powered Acer neoTouch, it wouldn’t be so much.

You can probably spot the two new homescreens with bookmarks or media shortcuts organized in rotating wheels. It seems like Acer have put effort in a rotating interface that failed to capture the users interest in the LG S-Class UI. I can’t really understand why they’ve even bothered.

At least the Acer Liquid looks good and unique, and despite all my concerns it could turn to be a really capable device. The neoTouch didn’t managed to play HD videos well with all the Snapdragon power, but I certainly hope that the Liquid will justify its name with good performance and even better OS.

Acer Liquid will hit the market in December, but in the meantime the Acer neoTouch review is coming very soon on



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