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Sony Ericsson Satio getting pulled out from UK stores?

Some of our readers have been recently noticing a worrying lack of Sony Ericsson Satio units throughout some major UK retailers. It became even more obvious when Carphone Warehouse removed all Satio offerings.

Today an anonymous tipster sent us an internal memo, which states that Carphone Warehouse are withdrawing the Satio due to some undisclosed software issues. You can see the memo text for yourselves.

“From time to time we experience issues with new handsets, and their software, which result in a customer experience that is below our usually high standards. To give you the confidence that you’re able to deliver a World-Class experience to all our customers we will temporarily be removing the Sony Ericsson Satio from sale, with immediate effect. Please be assured we are investigating a solution as a priority.”

As you can see, the specific reason is kept hush-hush. As always you’d have to take unofficial info such as this one with a pinch of salt, at least we do. But if it is, what about the current Satio users? Whatever it is, we really hope they will sort this out before the holidays otherwise they’re so going down.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


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