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Nokia Glance gains support for Windows Phone 8.1 in its latest update

With the Windows Phone 8.1 moniker being confirmed a couple of times already by Microsoft, Nokia has been quick to update its cool Glance app and make it support the upcoming update of the OS.

The update now lives in the Windows Phone store and the only thing that Nokia has added is “Support for Windows Phone 8.1″. We don’t know if Nokia had to do a lot of modifications to the app to make it work, but certainly the Finns have made Glance play nice with any new APIs that WP 8.1 might bring along.

Thanks to the latest Windows Phone SDK that Microsoft released not to long ago, we know that Windows Phone 8.1 will bring a lot of new things to the table. The update will bring Windows Phone closer to Windows RT and will introduce support for VPNs, new battery optimization features, camera burst mode, updated Internet Explorer and new on-screen buttons.

Microsoft is also going to release its own virtual personal assistant a-la Google Now and Siri. It’s called Cortana and requires a Microsoft account in order to work. Microsoft is going to reveal all the features of Windows Phone 8.1 at its upcoming Build 2014 conference on April 19. There, we might even see the Nokia Lumia 930 and Lumia 630 get announced, if latest rumors are to be believed.



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