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Not Like Everybody Else is the first joint ad by Nokia and Microsoft

Nokia joined Microsoft last Friday officially but since today is the first working day after the agreement was done Microsoft has issued an ad on YouTube that portrays the big happy family as Not Like Everybody Else.

In the ad Microsoft is the colorful person out of a crowd of black and white street-dwellers in a black and white murky world. As he moves along, being cool and different he sees another colorful person (naturally using a Nokia slate) and finally at the end of the ad we see the colorful protagonist through our own point of view (suggesting perhaps we’re black and white as well).

Microsoft has had it fair share of ads on YouTube and elsewhere – some good, others cool and bizarre or funny but Nokia just kills it every, single time and then some. Nokia does great ads even when it doesn’t mock its competition. We hope those ads continue to entertain us.

Here’s the ad itself.

And if you’re interested what the #MoreColorful tag at the end of the video is, you can join an Ask Me Anything session starring Stephen Elop over at the Nokia Conversations blog at 1 PM GMT.


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