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Nokia’s latest ad brags about the rich sound recording, superior camcorder of Lumia 1020

Ever since Nokia announced its Lumia 1020, it has done all it can to create a buzz among the tech enthusiasts. The impressive 41 megapixel sensor in the Windows Phone 8 smartphone have mostly taken the spotlight so far, but now the company’s PR department is focusing on some of the cool side features.

Nokia has now come up with a new promotional video that Nokia highlights the smartphones rich sound recording technology and compares it to two of its direct rivals.

In a video that runs for about a minute and a half, shows a DJ playing his music and the audio along with its video is recorded with two prototype Lumia 1020 smartphones, a device from “competitor A” and a smartphone from “competitor S”. And yes it doesn’t take a genius to realize that it’s the latest Samsung and Apple flagships that stand behind those names.

After the completion of the recording of the same scene with all three devices, Nokia has compiled the clips in a single video that lets you get a clear idea of how they compare. Predictably, the audio and the video recorded using the Lumia 1020 and its HAAC stereo microphones has the best sound clarity along with good bass. The difference between the quality of the videos themselves is quite striking, too, and is again in favor of the Nokia latest flagship and its huge sensor (by smartphone standards, anyway)

Check out the video in question and see for yourselves:

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