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Two million iPads sold in 60 days, to be available in even more markets

Apple is selling truckloads of the iPad – no surprise there. The 1 million units sold mark was hit in 28 days. But there’s no sign of sales slowing down as they just hit the 2 million mark…

It has barely been sixty days since Apple let loose its tablet on the market and it has sold two million iPads already. Considering that the 3G-enabled iPads have become available recently and the wonder gadget is available in nine other markets besides the US since a few days ago, chances are the 3 million mark will be reached even faster.

The iPad sales will be expanded to another nine markets next month and even more markets later on. The iPad-specific apps are still a minority in the Apple App Store – “just” 5,000 compared to the 200+ thousand apps in total. Still, it’s been only two months and the iPad does run iPhone apps, so that’s not too big a problem.

So, no slowdown in sales – in fact, people are buying iPads so fast that there’s a shortage, but Steve Jobs promised they are “working hard to build enough iPads for everyone”.

But with Windows 7 tablets on the horizon (like this one with Core 2 Duo), that are slated to cost about as much as a 16GB no-3G iPad, will the people still queue up so frantically to get the (as Apple calls it) magic tablet?

Source: PCWorld, Shiny Shiny


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